OKWU Exclusive: Six Questions With Gus Bucklesby

Ethan May as Gus Bucklesby

Eagle News newscaster Gus Bucklesby (Ethan May) at work in the studio.

Get ready, OKWU! Tomorrow is the second installment of the fledgling Eagle News chapel broadcast. Led by the singularly unique, bumbling, and stripes-clad newscaster Gus Bucklesby, Eagle News will appear weekly to bring its patrons the latest in campus news and events.

Bucklesby, the University’s most popular personality of late, gave an exclusive interview to OKWUeagle:

1. How did you break into the broadcasting business?
I was born ready to be a newscaster. You see, the planets were aligned when I was born….I’m not sure if that’s related to my becoming a newscaster, but it happened.

2. Do you have any hidden talents or hobbies?
From a young age, I have dabbled in foot modeling. And on Friday nights nothing pleases me more than to write reviews of different cheeses.

3. What stress relieving tips do you have to share with students taking Mid-Terms this week?
DO NOT FRET. It’s only a test. However, if you fail you might not pass college and get a degree. So there’s that…

Gus Bucklesby

4. The accent, the clothes, the humor. Tell us about your origins.
My origins…very interesting question. They are incredibly similar to the story of Batman. Except for being an orphan, and rich, and from Gotham.

5. Describe your personal style.
I have a motto for my fashion forward choices that also applies to life: “Look good, feel good, report good.” If you look good then you feel good, if you feel good then you report….good.

6. Who is your role model?
Arnold Schwarzenegger. I feel that he and I are kindred spirits of sorts, and it’s obvious just looking at the two of us.


GIFs, photography, and cinematography by Seth Piper, Senior Communication Arts major.

Gus Bucklesby character created and interpreted by Ethan May, Senior Physical Education major.

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