Top 3 Wishlist Tools For The Modern Gift-Giver and Receiver

Wishlists have been a Christmas staple for years, but a modern age calls for modern methods. Check out OKWU’s top three online wishlist tools that will make gift-giving (and receiving) a little easier for everyone.

1. Amazon Universal Wishlist

Called the “one wish list to rule them all” (get it, LOTR fans?), Amazon has outdone itself by reaching beyond its own marketplace to allow members to include items from other merchandiser’s websites.  In similar fashion to the Pinterest cult, wish list creators can install an “Add to Wish List” button on their web browsers to easily “pin” their must haves.

Amazon Universalsephora

2. Wishlistr

Wishlistr exists for the sole reason of creating wish lists, and for the gift enthusiasts the web site has given users the freedom to personalize backgrounds, draw from virtually any selling website, connect with other Wishlistr-ing friends, and share their lists via RSS feeds, e-mail, websites, and/or personal blog.


3. Evernote

While is is not specifically meant for making wish lists, Evernote has the impressive ability to “import” gifts from everywhere: your smartphone, your iPad, your tablet, your laptop, etc.  The website, which can also keep track of your favorite places, foods, and much more, is the ultimate list-making tool that can capture text and images from websites and organize them into an organized holiday wish list.

Evernote wishlist

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