We’ve Got Game(s)

Circle of Friends Wide Back Shot

Circle of Friends, Ep. 1:

The New Game Room

The Circle of Friends heard there was a new game room on campus. “Finally,” they said, “we have something to do in our leisure time besides watching Gus Bucklesby outtake videos.” They set forth to ‘check it out,’ as the kids say.

Thorton from the Future could hardly even wait to get inside. He gazed longingly at all that was in store for the friends. And he gazed a while… because none of them were tall enough to open the door.

Circle of Friends Robot Glass

1980s Skateboard was overwhelmingly excited and snarly (Editor’s note: More so than usual) to see fellow relics of yesteryear on display. “This game room informs me a great deal about the history and culture of Bartlesville,” he said to himself.

Circle of Friends Skateboard Signs

Truckstop Gingerbread Man, who is quite technologically minded, was very interested in much of the gadgetry that our good friends over in the Information Technology Department had installed for everyone to enjoy. “Televisions everywhere,” he exclaimed. “It’s a bonafide Buffalo Wild Wings (Editor’s note: B-dubs) in here!”

Circle of Friends Horton Gingerbread

“Look at all these outlets!” they decreed. “People can get so much homework done on their personal laptop computers!”

Circle of Friends Outlet

Bear Murray was thoroughly impressed with the cleanliness of the facilities in the new game room. “This place truly has all the bare necessities,” he posed. Someone knocked at the door while Bear Murray was freshening up. “Just a moment,” he replied. “I’m barely dressed.”

Editor’s note: Puns used ‘intentionally’ and without shame.

Circle of Friends Toilet

“The sound system is top notch in the new game room,” interjected Excalibur Millard Horse and Sir Chester Mouse, Ph.D. They were very excited about all the hip-hop music they would be able to listen to, and all the dancing they could get done.

Editor’s note: Dance floor not included.

Additional note: Oklahoma Wesleyan University requests that students not dance on the speakers.

Circle of Friends Dance Floor

The friends then decided it was time to ‘get their game on,’ but they hadn’t any ping-pong balls. Fortunately, there were plenty on sale for only 25 cents. They promptly bought 14.

Circle of Friends Pong Dispenser

Thorton from the Future, who is an avid table tennis enthusiast, challenged student-athlete Yusuf Bello to a rousing game. It was a tough contest, and Yusuf pulled away late, bringing much glory to the Men’s Soccer Team, and adding to their considerable athletic reputation in all areas of sport.

Circle of Friends Ping Pong Match

Sir Chester Mouse, Ph.D., then became enamored by the dazzling new billiards table and asked Excalibur Millard Horse if he would like to share a friendly game…

Circle of Friends Billiard Balance

…to which Excalibur Millard Horse accepted, and proceeded to school the good doctor in what was actually his natural game. Toward the end of the contest Excalibur Millard sang, ‘Everyday I’m hustling,’ under his breath.

Circle of Friends Excalibur Pool Shark

With so much to do in the new game room, Thorton from the Future invites all to get over there and hang around.

Circle of Friends Robot Tight Rope

The end… until the next episode. Stay tuned.

Circle of Friends TV Wide Back Shot


Written by Ashleigh Johnson and Jarrad Scott McDaniel

Photography by Jarrad Scott McDaniel

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