Business Students Experience Living Classroom in Hong Kong

Waterway in Hong Kong

Eating dried squid, McDonalds Red Bean pie, and Dim Sum; visiting the botanical gardens, the American Embassy, Sam’s Tailor and several Islands. 

These are just a few activities that the Business Seminar II class did over Christmas break on their trip to Hong Kong.  Not only did the students get to eat and see all of these different things, they also got to learn so much in the area of business and were able to grow in their faith while experiencing a culture that is so much different from their own.

Hong Kong Cityscape

I do not know how many times I have heard of people getting lost in the big city.  But I do know that if my professor told me that I was the one to get us back to the hotel from the American embassy, at some point I would be lost.  Professor Weaver, who led the trip, said that one of the main objectives of this trip is to get students out of their comfort zone and to learn how to navigate in a large city like Hong Kong, which has a population of seven million.  In life, you never know where you will end up, and this Hong Kong trip gave students the experience  they needed within a safe environment.  Professor Weaver felt confident that any of the students that went could navigate the city alone by the end of the trip.

OKWU students meet with business professionals

The topic faith is often integrated into the classroom at OKWU.  A prime example of this is the opportunity that the business students got when they were introduced to Mr. Tong, a business owner in Hong Kong.  What makes Mr. Tong different and interesting is that he adheres to a mix of Christianity and Buddhist faith.  From spending time with Mr. Tong, senior Adam Hardesty said that when entering the world and meeting new people, “ [You] need to know what you believe so that you are not led astray.  You can’t just listen and follow every word a person tells you.”

Mountains view Hong Kong

Not only did these students experience a different culture, some of them had the opportunity to give a presentation about their trip to the Arvest Friday Financial Forum this past Friday.  These students have an awesome story to tell about their experience.  Knowledge is key to unlocking many doors, and the experience of a different culture has so much potential knowledge to be unpacked.

OKWU Students at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Photos by Collin Berg

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