Saving Haiti’s Malnourished Children

 Known as the poorest country in the western hemisphere, The Republic of Haiti lies on the smaller portion of the island of Hispaniola. Political turmoil, natural disasters, and non-existent infrastructure mean Haitians struggle to find basic necessities. Starvation and disease from poor nutrition is a serious issue with many of the countries children.

Meds and food for haiti's children
Photo by Alex Proimos

Responding to the extreme need of the region, Dr. Patricia Wolff started Meds and Food for Kids (MFK), a non-profit organization focused on producing nutritional Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food product known as “Medika Mamba” or “Peanut butter medicine” in creole. Not only does MFK produce lifesaving nutritional meals for Haiti’s children, they purchase raw materials straight from Haiti’s markets to produce Medika Mamba, improving the local economy. MFK also hires locals into its workforce to help lift Haiti’s people out of poverty.

Meds and food for Haiti's children
Photo by Alex Proimos

In their efforts to fight hunger, Meds and Food for Kids has saved an estimated 70,000 children, and they are looking to save more. MFK is trying to increase production of its Medika Mamba by building a factory large enough to support more development.  By increasing the tonnage produced, more lives will be saved. For more information or to support Dr. Wolff and MFK, visit their website.

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