Got Talent? Ana Baranjin Arts Showcase

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Ana Baranjin is a senior from Belgrade, Serbia. View her online portfolio at Behance.

Ana Baranjin will graduate from OKWU in May of 2014 with  a degree in Marketing and Graphic Design Dynamics. She is a foreign student from Belgrade, Serbia. Ana recently took a few minutes with OKWUeagle to share some of her art and a bit about her creative process.


"Hope" Seemingly in 3d, this was actually done in Adobe Illustrator
“Hope” Seemingly in 3d, this was actually done in Adobe Illustrator
(Digital Art)

Since childhood, Ana has loved art and drawing as well as sculpting. Her specialization is in various art forms that come together to create amazing pieces in which you can see the details and love that she pours in. All of her pieces, aside from their artistic skill, carry a message.

"Think outside of the box"  Digital Art
“Think Outside the Box”
(Digital Art)

OKWUeagle: What is your favorite thing about your process of creating art?

Ana:  The possibility of something new and different; it relaxes me, gets all the good and bad on the paper so I feel fresh when I finish. The process is never actually the same, but I am always looking forward to it because I learn something from it. Also, the process is not just sitting and creating something, it takes weeks to get the idea that is interesting enough to be played with, developed enough to be put on paper.

"Sitting Man Study" (Clay Cast)
“Sitting Man Study”
(Clay Cast)

The hardest part?

It is complicated putting all those bright and so vivid images on a blank piece of paper, but the hardest part is making mistakes and enjoying them. I get so occupied to what others will think about my art, that it loses soul and feeling. But when I don’t think, just work and enjoy, the results are much much better, you can REALLY tell the difference!

"Hands" Acrylic on recycled canvas chipboard
(Acrylic on recycled canvas chipboard)

See more of Ana’s work:

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