12 Things To Stop Wasting Time

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1.         Hitting Snooze: It’s understandable to hit snooze once or twice in the morning, but three or more times is excessive. Get your lazy butt out of bed. Do you like being rushed? No; stop hitting snooze. You’re going to have to get up anyways, so why waste time? 

2.         Procrastinating: “Just Do It” isn’t just a Nike slogan; apply it to your life and get stuff done. Hard work pays off!

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Too much time on phone
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3.         Checking Your Phone Constantly: Who needs friends when you have a cell phone? Everyone. Everyone needs friends, but if you’re constantly being told to get off your phone by your closest friends, then maybe you’re on your phone too much. Put it down and enjoy something else other than your phone.

4.           Putting on Makeup For the Gym or Sports: Girls. Why waste your time when you’re just going to melt it off? If you’re trying to impress a guy, you failed, probably because you have mascara running down your face.

Watching tv
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5.           Staying Online Late at Night: Is tweeting about not getting enough sleep really worth staying up for? No. Refreshing Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at 3am is crazy. It will just result in you sleeping half the next day and will kill you academically. Go to sleep, Facebook will be there in the morning. 

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6.           Complaining: Instead of complaining about a bad test score you got, learn from it. Take it as a positive way of studying harder next time. Being negative won’t get you anywhere, so take action and stop complaining about something you did wrong. 

7.           Waiting For Something to Happen: Why wait? Wasting time on waiting for something to happen is just pointless. If you want something, go after what you want. Unless you’re in line at Taco Bell, then waiting turns into patience, which is what you will need when you’re done eating…

8.           Hanging Out With Negative People: Don’t hang out with people who are always down. Eventually you will turn negative yourself. Positive friends will always be there for you and your happiness is what matters most at the end of the day.

9.          Watching TV: Watching TV every now and then is okay. But being glued to the TV isn’t healthy and gets boring. Get up and do something outside with friends! 

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10.      Gossip: Gossip is everywhere and is definitely hard to ignore. Try your best to stay away from gossip, because at the end of the day you look like the jerk and a lot of time was wasted on a whole bunch of nothing. 

11.       Unrequited Love: We all go through this and giving it up is hard. Unrequited love means you know the person you’re interested in isn’t interested back, but you still engage anyway. Stop wasting your time on something that will never happen and focus on making yourself happy. 

12.     Popping Pimples: You always regret doing it. Plus, you don’t want long-term permanent marks, do you?

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