C of F Versus C of O


Circle of Friends, Ep. 3:

OKWU Basketball versus College of the Ozarks

Last time we saw the Circle of Friends they were enjoying a delicious feast with some of Oklahoma Wesleyan’s finest students. This past weekend the friends partook in another feast… Although instead of Asian food, the meal consisted of an entirely different delicacy: College of the Ozarks. (Editor’s note: #snacks #buckets #thankful.)

The game on this particular evening was what has been affectionately termed a “white out.” This is when the home crowd dresses all in white to distract the opposing team with their fanatical vibrancy and mystical sense of unity. These are concepts that the Circle of Friends understand all too well and they prepared their outfits accordingly.


Thorton from the Future made sure to pay his way into the game, being that he and the rest of the friends are not actual Oklahoma Wesleyan students or affiliates. He was assisted handsomely by the ever-helpful James Kunkel. (Editor’s note: James Kunkel of Shreveport, Louisiana fame, or “Ratchet City”, as it is customarily known [Additional Editor’s note: According to James Kunkel, himself])


On this beautiful February evening Oklahoma Wesleyan was hosting special tailgating festivities for all to enjoy. 1980s Skateboard really enjoyed the delicious cookies that were served, as you can tell by his enthusiastic demeanor.


The whole gang had their fill of the scrumptious treats and were now finally ready for the gigantic rivalry that was about to be renewed…


The rivalry, of course, being the formidable one they maintain against the Oklahoma Wesleyan Soccer teams in all areas of sport. This time they were challenged by women’s soccer teammates Bristol Clark and Karen Storie in a grueling contest of Corn Hole. The friends beat them handily, partly because they are masters of the sport, but too because Bristol seemed to have a very difficult time seeing the board on the other side of the gym.


After Corn Hole, it was almost time for the serious sporting contest of the evening. Statistics enthusiasts Excalibur Millard Horse and Thorton from the Future decided they would stop by the scorers’ table to see if any assistance was desired for the event. The event staff seemed to have it all taken care of, but offered the friends some gummy bears.


Next was the announcing of the starting line-ups, which is everyone’s favorite pre-game ritual / motorcycle exhibition. Especially Bear Murray, being that he loves a good ol’ fashioned hog (Editor’s note: Harley Davidson). Bear Murray was as well very excited to spend some time hanging out with OKWU’s very own disc jockey extraordinaire,  DJ Terry Miller.


The friends did their best to get the boys fully prepared for the big game. Truckstop Gingerbread Man reminded all the players to stay fundamentally sound, perform at a high level, and to always keep in mind the motivational techniques within the greatest basketball movie of all time, Shaquille O’Neal’s Kazaam, if they get distracted. (Editor’s note: Oklahoma Wesleyan University and OKWUeagle in no way condones Truckstop Gingerbread Man’s assertion of Kazaam as the greatest basketball film ever… or even really as a good film at all. Instead, we stand firmly behind the well-known scientific argument that not only is Space Jam the greatest basketball film ever made, but is also the greatest sports film of all time.)


Just before tip-off,  the friends ‘circled up’ and got in a good word of prayer, as is customary at the “University Where Jesus is Lord.”


After the game had begun, Sir Chester Mouse, Ph.D. discovered to his absolute glee that he had a ‘cohort of costume’ for the white-out: Mr. Shane Grate –  a man who truly lives up to his namesake.


The basketball contest was one of tremendous intensity, and the crowd was often in a wave of mesmerized revelry and chaotic exhilaration. Excalibur Millard, being the loyal and noble steed that he is, remained calm and composed throughout the battle. His demeanor exuded that of legendary generals long since passed, granting much confidence to the OKWU faithful that their beloved Eagles would ultimately persevere and prevail. The following photograph is a glimpse into the scene that unfolded during E. M.’s impassioned half-time speech to the crowd.


Ultimately, (Editor’s note: ‘and inevitably’) Oklahoma Wesleyan triumphed over those lowly Bobcats. The basketball team played heroically and sent C of O packing right back to their institutionally mandated work study positions. Bear Murray was overwhelmingly joyous about the victory and did one heck of a celebration dance, as seen in the following photograph.


Circle of Friends wishes to extend congratulations to our Women’s and Men’s Basketball teams on their impressive basketball seasons. Fortunately for the whole entire world, our friends’ season is just barely halfway through. So, until the next episode… #ballislife



Written by Jarrad Scott McDaniel

Photography by Ashleigh Johnson and Jarett Blain

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