Pass Your Time With DIY Crafts

Looking for a weekend project or a fun activity to do with friends? Check out some of these cool crafts we found!

1. Magnetic Silly Putty

Silly putty is always fun to play with, but this is magnetic silly putty. Let that blow your mind a little.

Silly Putty
Photo By: Peter Jilliffe

2. Sharpie Mug

You can write your favorite joke, quote, bible verse or even draw a picture on a mug permanently. It can be a creative gift!

Photo By: Katrina Alana

3. DIY Tank Tops

With the weather getting warmer, clothes start shedding! Instead of buying new tank tops, use old T-shirts and get crafty!

Photo By: Maegan Tintari

4. Baseball Bracelet

If you or a friend is a lover of baseball not only does this make a fun craft, but a nice gift/accessory!

Photo By: WashJeff

5. Melted Crayon Art

Who says crayons are for children? This cool idea is fun for any age! Plus, it’s a great excuse to get messy…

Photo By: Niner Bakes

6. Floppy Disk Pen Holder

Any computer lovers out there? This idea is brilliant and can be a great gift/desk item!

Photo by: Lasse Rintakumpu

7. Crayon Hearts

Valentines’ Day may have already past, but these crayon hearts can be used for any occasion!

Photo by: Meer

8. Button Flowers

I mean, who wouldn’t want a bouquet of buttons?

Photo by: aussiegall

9. String Bowl

Not only could this be good for a fruit basket, it can also work for simple home decor!

Photo by: Bach Tran

10. Wood Photo Transfer

Who needs a frame when you have a whole block of wood?

Photo By: Angela Doetsch

We hope you find these 10 fun and interesting crafts something you can do individually or with friends on a weekend! It’s time to get crafty!!

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