Shine A Light On Slavery Day

Thursday, February 27th, OKWU students celebrated “Shine a Light On Slavery Day,” joining in End It Movement’s campaign to spread the message of modern day slavery and proclaim “Freedom.”

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 12.55.35 PM

As a global pursuit, the campaign’s purpose is to bring the world together by having people draw a simple red “X” on their hand, symbolizing no more ignorance of slavery and therefore taking a personal stand against the offense.




OKWU’s Orange Movement, therefore, answered the call with enthusiasm and the students responded with gusto. With a photo booth set up on campus in the middle of lunch and dinner traffic, the students who participated took pictures and launched a social media “End It” blitz. From red “X”s on hands to large props and elaborate poses, the campaign successfully captured the heart of the movement.


To very appropriately quote senior Skyler Wittman: “I’ll smile when slavery is over.”




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