Spring Break: A Public Service Annoucement


Circle of Friends, Ep. 4:

Spring Break Preparedness Public Service Announcement

In this next installment of Circle of Friends, the friends wish to help all the Oklahoma Wesleyan students fully prepare to go on their spring break trips. Whether you’re traveling someplace tropical, or just going home to see your great Uncle Wallace and his pet goats, there is much to look forward to in enjoying the best spring break possible. (Editor’s note: Spring Break PSA shot entirely on location… in the Studio of Dreams… courtesy of the pages of  a National Geographic from the 90s.)

Sir Chester Mouse, Ph.D is an emphatic champion of vehicle safety. He says, “Make sure all your tires are fully aired up to their required tire pressure before traveling long distances across the country.”


Excalibur Millard Horse, Bear Murray, and Thorton from the Future strongly advise against standing too close to volcanoes on your spring break trip. “Those things can be very dangerous,” says Thorton.


“If you happen to be traveling anywhere cold this spring break, like South Dakota, Minnesota, Canada, or congressional subcommittee meetings, don’t forget to bundle up and pack accordingly,” cautions 1980s Skateboard.


Ever his cheerful self, Truckstop Gingerbread Man says, “Always remember to have fun and smile as much as possible during you break. After all, many of you aren’t nursing students. And if you are, then hey, it’s break-time! Probably.”


Bear Murray wants you to know about camera etiquette: “Remember to take lots of photos of your travels. And don’t lose focus!”


If you don’t know quite what to do for spring break, Thorton from the Future strongly urges you to venture out into the mountains. He does caution though, “There is not very much Facebook out here. The internet seems to be down everywhere!”


While on his own search for some tranquility, Excalibur Millard Horse came upon a nice spring. Which, he noted, is a very fitting place to find oneself during such a break.


Don’t forget to take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate the country’s history during this break. Here, Bear Murray and Excalibur Millard Horse came upon the National Candle Lighting Museum. No other museum they came across could even hold a candle to this place. It was an illuminating experience for the both of them. It was really, truly a bright idea to visit.


Thorton from the Future hopes that no matter where you find yourself this spring break, you always remember not to go chasing waterfalls. He says, “You probably will want to stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.”


Excalibur Millard reminds you that if don’t have anything yet planned, you can always go home. “Don’t forget to visit your crazy Uncle Wallace and his pet mountain goats. They always seem to have a good time brewin’,” he offers.


If you decide that you might want to get “werk” done you can always get out and help the National Forest Service clear dangerous and threatening brush from high-risk fire areas. Because, as Bear Murray’s third cousin, twice removed, Smokey the Bear always said, “Only you can prevent forest fires.”


Finally, this spring break, “Don’t forget to take your grandmother for a walk,” says Excalibur Millard. Until the next episode… happy trails.




Written by Jarrad Scott McDaniel

Photography by Jarrad Scott McDaniel

Set Design by Ashleigh Johnson

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