Got Talent? Hartley Carter Arts Showcase

HartleyHartley Carter is a sophomore Communication Arts major from Amarillo in the beautiful state of Texas. She recently sat down with the Eagle to discuss a bit about her passion for visual arts. Hartley has a wide range of talents, but especially enjoys working with photography, painting, sketching, and digital designs. You can see more of Hartley’s work on her Behance profile.

Eagle: What first caught your fancy about visual arts?

It seems that I’ve always been drawn to being an artist.

I remember in the 2nd grade, my teacher gave everyone in the class a bunny coloring page. Everyone colored typical colors of a bunny and called it good, but I colored a spotted bunny surrounded by lots of flowers and clouds high up in the sky. I was different.

When I was little, I knew my dad was an artist and I looked up to and respected him— I wanted to be just like him.

Victoria (Acrylic)


Eagle: What is your favorite thing about your process of creating art?

The simple thing is, I just like coming up with ideas!

Rose (Photography)

Eagle: The hardest part?

Finishing projects! Sometimes I get really frustrated if it’s not looking how I want it to.

Oregon (Photography)

Eagle: What is the favorite work you have done?

I have two favorites. One is the painting of the lady, just because that’s one of the first big paintings that I’ve ever done and I like all the colors and lines. And the other one is a painting that I did of my dad and his dad standing by a truck, it was a replica of a picture. My dad loved it so much, because I had captured the way his dad stood, and the tone of the picture. So that’s why I love it, because he loved it so much!

The Lady (Replica) (Acrylic)
The Lady (Replica)

Eagle: Do you have a favorite medium in which to work?

I like drawing a lot, and no matter what I do, I end up drawing a lot, whether it’s a painting or just a picture, drawing is always involved.

Barn (Detail Pen Sketch)
(Detail Pen Sketch)

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