Student Government Cabinet Plans Improvements

Student Government Organization exists on OKWU’s campus with the mission to provide a line of communication between the Student Body and the administration of Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

Senior Bryson Lambert, current Student Body President, has been involved for all four years of his years in college—taking the offices of Freshman Class President, Sophomore Class President, and then Student Body President his junior and senior years. This year, the OKWU Student Government Organization put the Student Cabinet into place for the first time.

Bryson says, “Every Monday I sit in Dr. Piper’s Cabinet with his VPs of the school where they communicate and get on the same page. It just made sense to make a Student Cabinet that does the same thing, where the Student Body President, his VP, his Secretary, Social Life Director, Spiritual Life Director, Men’s and Women’s RA representatives, Orange Movement Representative, Marketing Club President, [a] staff member and men’s and women’s athletics are all represented.”

They discuss what events on campus and how they can help one another to make the student life better. “This has been incredible so far!” says Bryson.  The biggest step forward that the Student Government has made this year is definitely the Student Cabinet, but there are many other great things they have done. Don’t tell anyone, but there is a good chance that there will be an ice cream machine in the cafeteria next year, an ATM outside of Doc’s, and the Freshman Class are in the process of purchasing new pool sticks, paddles, and accessories for the game room.

All of this is made possible because of the Student Government Organization—elections are held at the end of every year, and at the beginning of the year for the freshman class.

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