Dormire Has Passion For God and Science

Oklahoma Wesleyan University provides an opportunity to learn and earn a degree in a variety of areas as well as encourage the stretching of one’s faith both in and outside the classroom. For Kody Dormire, that is exactly what happened.

Kody grew up in Perry, Oklahoma, where his mother works as a veterinarian.  He was always interested in the diagnostics at the clinic.  The ability to go in and figure out what was wrong with an animal intrigued him.  Because of this, he developed a love for science.   His teachers fueled that love by letting him take upper level science classes when he was an eighth grader and freshmen in high school. Kody also had a passion for people and the relationships that could be built and he pursued his love for science and people throughout high school.


Kody Dormire Working
Kody Dormire working in the Laminar Flow Hood.

When it came to picking which college he would attend, Kody wanted two things:  to be able to play basketball, and to be a part of a quality Biology program.  When he visited Oklahoma Wesleyan he was able to meet the president, Dr. Piper, and a biology professor, Dr. Quick.  He also appreciated the Christian stand the school takes.  These factors, as well as the size of the school, influenced Kody’s decision to join OKWU.

Starting in the fall of 2010, Kody began playing basketball and on his way to getting a biology degree with a pre medicine emphasis.  Pushing his way through three and a half years of college, he is now in his final semester as a senior.  Deciding not to do basketball for his senior year, Kody ran Cross Country and is now running in track.

 “I Love Learning!” – Kody Dormire

Along with school Kody was very involved in intramurals and summer church camp, where he would volunteer. “I Love Learning!” he explains. Besides his passion for learning, Kody loves his exercise and training for triathlons, pouring into high school kids lives by helping them learn basketball at camps and through private lessons, and going out and shooting his guns.

Kody and Dr Quick
Kody Dormire and Dr. Quick


“[Kody] is very serious about his walk with God and he puts Him as number one, not by what he says but by what he does.” – Dr. Quick

When Dr. Quick was asked how OKWU has changed Kody, he answered, “[He’s] always been a leader and worked hard and that hasn’t changed.  Kody is always ready to help and share his knowledge with whoever asks. He is very serious about his walk with God and he puts Him as number one, not by what he says but by what he does.  Kody believes that God wants him to be a doctor and that is what he is doing. [His] knowledge base has grown and there have been lots of things to learn.  Everything I have had Kody do has been to prepare him for the medical field and he has done it exceptionally.  In my past nine years there have only been three students like Kody.”

Starting with ambition and finishing strong, Kody Dormire continues on his way to changing lives for the better.

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