Introducing the Sappy Column

With so many first-date nightmares, flirting fails, and friend-zone fighters, the world of romance can seem harsh and disappointing. But do not fear, Sappy is here! For you, for your crush, and for your questions.

Hello my fellow OKWUnians! I’d like to formally introduce myself, and my new column, to you beautiful people. I’m Sarah Sapp – Sappy to most – and I love romance. Although I am no expert, I love the movies, the books, the adorable proposals, the fun tips, the funny times, the sappy stories (oh yes, those indeed), and just about everything else in between. I also quite enjoy writing. So this year, with your help, I will be posting a weekly romance column, including:

  1. Interviews by me with YOUR friends whom YOU nominate and I’ll use YOUR questions. (Feel free to be funny, flirty, weird, adorable, etc.— all being appropriate of course!)
  2. Questions answered. I will search and research to find answers to your questions, but if all else fails I will answer any and all (OKWU appropriate) questions personally. I will also have guest co-writers who will answer questions along with me, and we will give our free opinions no matter the sense they make. So… you have a weird question? Tell me about it.
  3. TIPS! There are a ton of do’s and don’ts, when to be smooth, how to be strategic, advice for forgotten best friends, the perfect gifts, and so very much more. However, it is a lot to dig through, especially for a college student with a maxed-out schedule. So, I’ll do the digging for you!


Click this link —> Ask & Nominate <— to send me questions and nominations, then look for your answers and interviewed friends in next week’s post!


A Tip Until Next Time

Know your love language; it’ll come in handy.

Five Love Languages

  1. Words of Affirmation – a recognition of appreciation. Telling one how much he/she means to you.
  2. Spending Quality Time with a Loved One – setting aside meaningful time to provide undivided attention or indulge in a mutual interest.
  3. Receiving Gifts – receiving a personalized or surprise gift is often as satisfying as the gift itself.
  4.  Acts of Service – an unconditional act and free of ulterior motives, simply performed due to loving and appreciating each other.
  5. Physical Touch – the point is to supply the fundamental human need for contact with others. A back rub after a long day or a hand on the back for comfort and support.


**Take a test on the site to find out your own Love Language**

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