Student Profile: Josh Herrera

Josh Herrera is a senior Global Studies major at OKWU. Josh has a passion for international ministries and hopes to one day work overseas. He is from Olathe Kansas and has been at OKWU for the past three years.  In this interview Josh explains why he came to OKWU, explains some of his international experiences, and different things he has done while he has been here.


Josh's 1
Josh Herrera in front of a mosq in Turkey

“Why did you come to OKWU?”—Caleb

—I came to OKWU because I was twenty-three and I wanted to finish my education. I have a desire to work over seas. I’m passionate about Christ and I want to tell anyone and everyone about Him. My sister attended OKWU and I already knew a lot about the school. My pastor also encouraged me to pursue a degree in intercultural studies and to finish my degree.—Josh


“Why did you Choose Global Studies?”—Caleb

—It all starts back with my parents. My parents have a passion for helping people who are less fortunate than themselves. So growing up I always had the mind set of helping people in need. Because of this I wanted to get a degree that would help me do this.—Josh

Josh Skydiving
Josh Skydiving

Have you gone on any mission trips?”—Caleb

—I have been to Kenya and Turkey. In Kenya, I went with a team who was sent to travel around different parts of Kenya to encourage local churches. We were also looking for a church and a community that my home church could be involved with. Over this summer I went to Turkey. There, our main task was street ministry. We went out to try to find people who were open and willing to talk about Jesus.—Josh

Josh air balloon riden
Hot air balloon ride in Turkey


What exciting things have you done at OKWU?”—Caleb

—Over the summer of 2012 I was apart of the school’s ministry teams. Specifically, I was on the camp ministry team. We travelled all around the U.S. to different camps. I was also an RA for my sophomore and junior year of college. I spent those two years as a RA in Scott hall. For the past three years I have lived in Scott hall. Now I am living off campus in an apartment with my best friend Johnny Pegram. As an RA we did some crazy things. One of these things was creating a slip n’ slide in Lower Scott.—Josh

Josh Grand Canyon
Josh at the Grand Canyon–All photos credited to Josh Herrera

If you ever want to talk to Josh, just stop him around campus, or you can find him working at the local Starbucks.

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