Chapel – “A City on a Hill”

This year’s chapel is off to a great start! OKWU’s Ben Rotz, Assistant Vice President for Student Development, recently introduced the plans for this year’s theme.

Here’s what Ben shared with the The Eagle:

What is this year’s theme for chapel, and what is the story behind it?

Rotz: The theme for chapel this year is “A City on a Hill” based out of the Sermon on the Mount.  A few of us on staff have talked several times about a couple of issues students seem to struggle with:

1.  Connecting what they believe with its natural and logical consequence.

For instance, if one believes abortion is murder, then abortion should be wrong for everyone.  What we often find is a student will say, “Well I believe abortion is wrong for me, but who am I to tell someone else it’s wrong?”  So that’s the first thing we want to do in chapel is to help students connect this thought: If I believe something is true, what are the consequences?

2. It seems at times students are shy or even embarrassed about what they believe.

The image of a City on a Hill give us the impression that we should stand out in darkness.  We think the Sermon on the Mount teaches us exactly how to do that.

What do you hope students will take away from it?

Rotz: I hope they begin to connect what they believe with why it matters. I hope they take the words of Jesus seriously.  Jesus finishes the Sermon on the Mount with the story of the wise and foolish builders.

I hope our students become wise builders who take the words of Jesus seriously, and build their lives around them.


Interview by Arionna Harms and Audrey Barker

Cover Photo Courtesy of Cherilyn England, OKWU Alumnus

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