Living the Campus Life: #OKWUhacks

It’s finally here: the column you need to survive (and thrive) here at OKWU! Need advice? No worries, #OKWUhacks is here to serve your needs and brighten your day. Also, there are (unconfirmed) reports of this advice coming from Blind Bart himself.

Questions can range from funny to serious and can be published anonymously. This is your time to shine and submit any OKWU-related questions!

Here are a few examples:

@typicalOKWUstudent asks: Need help with study habits! #OKWUhacks

The best remedy for studying-blues is finding your learning style. Work in groups with friends or study independently. Find a place to set the mood and focus on your studies, and by all means try not to procrastinate (too much). Spend time in the library, have a drink in Docs, or sit by the pond and enjoy the OKWU atmosphere (and no, don’t scare the geese away).

Do not try to do everything at once, remember—breathe. One thing to keep in mind is to not get overwhelmed with work and take a break from stress. Here are some helpful tips to remember. Embrace your ability to learn and keep track of your schedule—you are in charge of your time!

Ruff studying meme
Ruff Studying Meme


@anonymousOKWUstudent: Missing home and #feelingblue. #OKWUhacks

It’s college. Everyone is from different parts of the world here at OKWU. I know, I know, we all miss mom’s homemade cooking, we miss our own beds in our own room, we even miss our annoying siblings.

OKWU is known for our family atmosphere. Every year we get new students and it’s all very exciting, but what we want most as a family is to make each and every student feel comfortable. Do not be afraid to take initiative and make your classmates your new best friends! If you need help, ask for it!

@ProspectiveOKWUstudent Not sure about having a roommate?!? #OKWUhacks

Relax. Having roommates are a part of the college experience. You may have some reservations, but you can learn to love them! The more you learn about each other, you might even find yourselves becoming friends (especially if you avoid being a smelly roomie by cleaning your sheets once or twice).

One of the biggest goals in entering college is being responsible. It’s your duty to learn in class and outside of class, yes that means learning your roommates personality (no matter how weird they—or you—may seem).

Matthew 22:39 ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

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