10 Reasons to Love OKWU

Coming into college, we look forward to some of the best years of our life. We love our school we want our college experience to be unforgettable, a memory we can always tell our family back home, and one we’ll remember for the rest of our lives.

As a student, there are lots of reasons to love OKWU. Let’s highlight some of the very best:

Our Professors

OKWU professors are ranked among the best in the nation. We have the chance to relate one-on-one with our professors and advisors. We are so grateful for the attention our teachers give us that help with our learning experience. We love coming into a classroom filled with a fun learning environment.

What’s not to love about professors who can teach us using cardboard boats?
Photo by Megan England


One of the most exciting experiences we look most forward to is praise and worship time in chapel. Each chapel we learn new things that help us engage our spiritual life in the real world and we are more than thankful for guidance and motivational speeches.

Photo by Lauren Nash

Student Mentors

We come into the college world as freshmen and it can seem scary at first — so we’re thankful for our SM’s. Student mentors are our very own guidance counselors (in disguise). They lead Bible studies and they’re always there to help us survive college, and let’s not forget they voluntarily give forth the effort, they’re the best!

Dorm Life

As freshmen, we are almost always bound to Wesley Dorm or Scott Hall our first year and that’s okay (it’s kind of a rite of passage). We don’t need mom to do our laundry anymore because we’re now taking charge, we’re taking on responsibility like never before! (It’s also great for making friends!)

OKWU Fashion

How we dress says a lot about our character and how we choose to express ourselves here at OKWU. College has it’s very own style and yes — chacos are in! We love the oversized t-shirts and the simple look that keep us comfortable while walking to class. Also: it can be OKWU attire!

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Dunn


Speed dating, trivia night, pond parties, you name it. OKWU has a way with getting everyone involved so that we can have fun while we aren’t too bogged down in studying or stressing homework.

Size Matters

OKWU is one of a kind simply because we are basically one big family. OKWU’s specialty is the student’s requirements and needs, we love that our classes are convenient enough to get acquainted with our professors and each other.


You cannot graduate OKWU until you’ve tried Doc Lacy’s yummy drinks and appetizing treats. It’s the place where everyone loves to hangout and study. Even better, you may find you love every single thing on the menu. But what we like most is how happy we get when we have a tasty strawberry banana smoothie on our way to class!



What’s not to love about sports? We love cheering on our team and we love showing school spirit. Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, and Volleyball are all very enthusiastic and thrilling to watch. They are just plain good! OKWU student athletes and supporters represent OKWU in a manner that shows the many qualities our university teaches us.

Spring and Winter Formal

Everybody loves a time when we can all come together in spite of crazy finals week and studying. Of course, let’s not forget putting on those nice pair of shoes that have collected dust for the past year or that dress you’ve been dying to wear. And guys, we just can’t wait to see that spanking new suit and tie you hardly get to wear. It’s nice when students can come together and enjoy themselves by tidying up for banquets.

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