Student Profile: Alexander Vieux

Alexander Vieux is a junior studying secondary English education in order to teach adolescents. His back-up plan is to become a garbage man.

Eagle: Why did you choose your major? 

Alexander: ‘Cause I’m only good at English and my options were limited.

I don’t like crowds, and I don’t like being in front of people, and I don’t like talking to people…BUT I’m still called to [teach].

Eagle: Was there a significant moment in your life when you realized you were called to be in your field of studies or occupation?

Alexander: Professor Dunn sat me down and she said, “This paperwork situation is out of control. I think you need to take a weekend off and really contemplate whether or not you wanna be a teacher, and talk to God about whether He’s actually calling you to be a teacher or not”. And I did. And God said, “Well..” I’m not gonna try and quote God. It works good in conversation but it’s gonna look weird on paper if I try to do that but essentially it was just [me realizing], yeah I don’t like crowds, and I don’t like being in front of people, and I don’t like talking to people. BUT I’m still called to do it. So I guess I have to. [I] hired a secretary to do my paperwork. And now it’s all history.

Eagle: Are you kidding right now with the secretary or…

Alexander: Yeah, yeah, yeah. The secretary is all lies. You wanna be my secretary?

Eagle: Not really. I have issues with that myself. You should see my room. What do you see yourself doing in five years?

Alexander: I see myself winding down. (Makes winding hand gesture demonstrating him winding down).

Eagle: What do you plan to do with your major? 

Alexander: I wanna write a novel in my spare time. It’ll basically just be a Twilight/ Hunger Game rip-off. That’s the one I’ll get rich with and some people will be like, “Aww, he’s bad” and some people will be like, “Awwww I loooove it. It’s got love triangles and emotions” and then I’ll write the real stuff later. Like J.K. Rowling, you know? She came up with Harry Potter, and Harry Potter has really good writing. Do you like Twilight?

Eagle: No.

Alexander: Do you like Hunger Games?

Eagle: I haven’t read them yet.

Alexander: I started them. I just can’t take the names seriously. Peeta, Rue…

[30 minute discussion about J.K. Rowling and the Hunger Game book series]

Alexander artwork
Alexander Vieux poses for a picture next to his artwork. (Photo courtesy of Alexander Vieux)

Eagle: What are you passionate about?

Alexander: I’m passionate about words. I like counting syllables. Before I took Poetry [class], I hated poetry. I thought you could take prose and chop it up and make it look like poetry. But when you make poetry you carefully choose your words to construct a poem.


Following is poetry by Alexander:


Mannequin words put on display

Mass produced statements that slide out with ease

“How are you, sir?” I don’t know, you don’t care

So how bout we all just stop putting on airs?

Hello is the code for two humans in tandem

The connection’s official when stained with two syllables

“Good mornings” are terrible, that’s hardly fair

Most people would rather keep putting on airs

We imitate something that we’ve never seen

And we cling to illusions that we are all sane

I’ll be first to admit I’m not, I don’t care!

As long as I get to stop putting on airs


If you would like to also construct poems and read them aloud to people, the OKWU Inklings are meeting this Friday at Doc’s. 6:00 in the conference room in the back.


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