Restore Students Give Back to Community

Restore definition: “to bring back to or put back into a former or original state : renew


Heard of Restore? It happens early on Saturday mornings. While some students might sleep, others get involved every month to serve others. Recently, the Eagle checked in with some of the Spiritual Life team to learn more on the Restore Projects.

Eagle: How and When did Restore come about?

Cecilia Jimenez: According to Ben Rotz restore started about ten years ago. Students realized they spent most of their time serving on campus. It was a way to give back to the community.

Eagle: What is the Restore Project?

Morgan Ward: Restore Projects are outreach projects that are designed for the purpose of our campus finding and serving needs in the community. She also states how she is unsure when or who started Restore.


 Eagle: What is Restore’s main goal and what are some of the main projects that you guys do?

Morgan Ward: Our main goal is to bring students together to serve a need in the community. This year, we’ve already had two Restore projects. Our first one we served at the West Side Community Center in Bartlesville. This center does a lot of outreach to needy kids. So when we went, we completely reorganized a computer room, moved a pool table, did yard work (raking up cut-grass, trimming bushes, harvesting their garden), and we also bought them three trees and planted them.


Eagle: Do you have any favorite stories from Restore that you’d like to share?

Cecilia Jimenez: A couple of us were outside raking at Westside and this lady that was driving by slowed down just to say “Thank you”. She seemed to really appreciate what we were doing and I was glad to be a part of it. 


Eagle: Is there anything we did not ask that you’d like readers to know about Restore?

Morgan Ward: It is a sacrifice to get up a little earlier on a Saturday morning to go out and serve, but I really hope our students learn that simple tasks like the ones we’ve already done to help our community make all the difference. The time that we spend helping others gives our team great time of fellowship serving together and also gives us the opportunity to love on people in this.

Cecilia Jimenez: Something you can get out of doing a restore project is the blessing of being able to learn how to serve and have a joyful heart while doing so. I am always happy to see that someone has been blessed by what we do. 


Eagle: How can students become a part of Restore?

Morgan Ward: We encourage everyone to be apart of Restore projects! We have one restore project a month and so we usually have sign ups the week of the project. If anyone wants to be involved, just sign up!


Who says serving can't be fun?
Who says serving can’t be fun?



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