Reformation Day: 10 OKWU Grievances

In the spirit of Reformation Day – shame on you if you don’t know what that is; this is the day when Martin Luther courageously posted Ninety Five Theses against the 16th century church that sparked the Protestant Reformation – I’d like to share just ten grievances I have come to develop concerning OKWU.  So ensues the following complaints, but I promise my list of praises would far exceed just this measly list of ten.  Anyway, I’m doing this for extra credit*. (Oh, and all of the views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of the Eagle).

Here we go:

95 Theses Martin Luther
This is a model of Luther’s 95 Theses. Martin probably didn’t have a word processor.

#10 – There is no common dining area.  As an off-campus, no meal plan student I would really love to sit with my meal plan friends while still enjoying my nutritious, delicious, economically-priced home-cooked meal.

#9 – But even if I did still eat in the caf, I would have to fight the “monitors” every time. I understand there have to be some rules, but I should not have to defend taking an extra apple or ice cream cone out of the caf.  This is not kindergarten; and I paid for it, seriously.

#8 – There is no central events/activities calendar.  Eagle has tried to remedy this (here) but has one too, and so does the athletics site…I know word of mouth and cute little posters do a lot on this small campus, but we’ve got to get our online organizational act together soon.

#7 – The blue gym and weights area is often in a state of disarray.  Students, athletes, teams, coaches:  PICK UP YOUR MESSES!

#6 – The picnic tables on the pond patio disappeared.  And so did the beautiful groups of students who used to cluster and socialize there.  Sad, lonely patio.  Poor blind Bart.

#5 – ESL resources are either seriously limited or nonexistent. With more students from non-English speaking countries or backgrounds where English is their second language than ever before, where are our English labs and ESL resources?  Side note: why not add an academic program for students wishing to teach ESL?  They could get lots of hands-on practice, even here at OKWU.

Luther was a brave fellow.

#4 – The library is so loud. How interesting it is to see that so many have no qualms about playing music on full blast or carrying on cantankerously with friends while responsible Richard and conscientious Cathy are trying to work diligently and distraction-free, as they should in a library.  The OKWU library is not the place for noisy shenanigans.  Go to the game room, the gym, your dorm, etc.

#3 – Study abroad opportunities are neither sufficiently promoted nor utilized. Studying abroad is one of the most beneficiary educational assets for employment, graduate school, etc.  I could bet a lot on the assertion that most OKWU students do not think they should study abroad, much less know what programs and resources are available at OKWU and how to go about pursuing such an experience here.

#2 – Foreign language options are unacceptably limited.  I already learned Spanish in high school, like many of my peers, and what are Spanish-speaking students to do?

#1 – Curfew.

*This article was written and published as an extra credit fulfillment for the class “Introduction to Philosophy”.  If you think that’s cool, take the class next semester; it counts as a humanities or elective!



Anlan Cheney

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