Student Profile: Curt Spence

Curt Spence is a senior Accounting major at Oklahoma Wesleyan University. He sat down with The Eagle to reflect over the past few years at OKWU and share his wisdom with other students.

The Eagle: So why did you decide to come to OKWU?

Curt: It’s 3 miles from my house, that was a big deal. I also wanted to go somewhere with a Christian worldview at least for my first two years [of university] but it ended up having the major I wanted so I just stayed the entire four years.

The Eagle: Why did you choose to become an accounting major?

Curt: Because I wanted to work at Phillips [laughter ensues at honesty and bluntness]. And I liked it in high school.

The Eagle: What do you like doing in your free time?

Curt: Karate, hunting, fishing, sleeping, and working out.

Don’t mistake things being hard for, “This isn’t what I should be doing”. Sometimes even when things are hard, it’s still what you should be doing.

The Eagle: Karate isn’t something a lot of people do. How long have you been doing that?

Curt: 10 years. I’ve been a black belt for 7 1/2 of those 10 years (I think). I’ve been teaching karate since 2008 and I’ll test for my master’s belt next year.

Curt Spence
Curt Spence poses for a picture in his karate uniform. (Photo courtesy of Curt Spence)

The Eagle: What is it about karate that you like?

Curt: It’s an individual sport, I like that. I like the fact that it gives me the ability to defend myself and that I don’t need equipment for it, I can do it anywhere. I don’t have to have anything with me to practice it.

The Eagle: Has going to OKWU helped you grow in any areas that you needed to grow?

Curt: It’s definitely helped me grow in my faith because I get an extra two worship sessions a week [outside of church] and that’s been huge. It’s helped me also grow as a presenter quite a bit, especially in the business school because we present…a lot.

The Eagle: What are you most passionate about? Accounting, karate, or something else?

Curt: What I believe, number one. Karate is number two. And I do love my job, I’m very driven to do my job well.

The Eagle: Since you’re in your last semester at OKWU can you tell us about a favorite moment and a worst moment at OKWU?

Curt: My worst moment was right before my Capstone final presentation because I was terrified but my favorite moment was when Professor Jackson did an interpretive dance about the different types of depreciation in Intermediate Accounting 2.

The Eagle: Since you’ve been doing this for four years now, do you have any advice for underclassmen?

Curt: Don’t get behind. And don’t worry about picking your major immediately because (at least for me) I don’t think God has just one calling that He has specifically for your life and if you screw it up by picking the wrong major it can’t be fixed. So just find something you like and do it and finish it. I think there’s a lot of value in just being able to finish something.

The Eagle: Do you think people in our generation focus too much on being good at one thing so they’re always second-guessing whether or not they picked the right major?

Curt: Yeah, I think too many people worry about getting it right the first time but in my opinion, if God wants you somewhere, no matter what degree you have, He will put you there. And don’t mistake things being hard for, “This isn’t what I should be doing”. Sometimes even when things are hard, it’s still what you should be doing.


The perfect message for students in the middle of a semester. Hang in there, OKWU!

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