Spring Registration #OKWUhacks

Can you believe it? It is already time in the semester to register for Spring classes! Every student wants to be assured of each class they sign up for because here at OKWU, we strive to help every student succeed. If you are feeling uneasy about registering for classes, stress no more, #OKWUhacks is here to provide some common and helpful tips for Spring registration:

Tip #1) Take Core Classes First

To assure you are on the right track to registering, register for your basics. The basic classes are every student’s passageway to major-related classes. On the plus side, it’s always nice to get basic and remedial classes out of the way.

Tip #2) When in Doubt, Advisor Time Shouts

Met your advisor yet? Now is the time to do some serious academic planning. Probably no one knows whether you are on the right track to graduating better than your advisor. Set up a time and meet with your advisor to discuss classes and get acquainted. OKWU is famous for our great professors who really care!

Tip #3) Be Wise with Times

Taking back-to-back classes can be difficult sometimes. Everyone likes a nice little break in between classes to grab lunch and socialize. Sometimes, however, that’s not an option. Once you are upperclassman taking long credit hours throughout the week, you will be more knowledgeable and wise about time consuming and staying on your feet!

Tip #4) Do You Have Enough Hours?

Your classes are chosen based on what needs to be taken each year. Some required classes aren’t offered every semester, so pay attention! If your required class isn’t found, it’s okay to take an elective, but be smart about how many hours you are taking. 12-15 hours is the minimum in most cases for a full time student. If you are taking 18+ hours, there may be a fee in addition to a big workload, so make sure you are prepared (we don’t need mental breakdowns on campus).

Tip #5) Know Your Classes

Do you know what you’re signing up for? Do you know the professor? Be well-informed about courses you will be taking. It is not in anyone’s best interests to take a course only to drop it. Remember to always read your course descriptions so you will have an idea of what to expect. In some cases, courses offered by more than one professor, do some research and pick the choice that best fits your college needs.


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