10 Reasons #OKWUhacks Thinks You’re a Great Student

We are slowly, but surely, making our way to the end of this semester. As students, we are trying to stay on track and not lose focus with our studies; but with finals, presentations, and semester projects coming due — it’s a bit overwhelming! #OKWUhacks is here to remind you to hang in there! You’re doing great! Here are 10 reasons why you are a great student:


1. You’re short on time, but you make it work.

No one can underestimate your ability as a student to get a paper done in such a short time (although it is not encouraged). You have the ability to cram the priorities of school in with your busy schedule. That takes brains! Multiple assignments due all in the same week, and an exam, but you get it done–you’re unstoppable!


2. You embrace sleepiness.

If you find yourself always tired and running low on sleep, embrace it. Didn’t get a full 8 hours? It probably just means you are doing something right with your life!


3. You handle school, work, AND being an athlete well!

As if cramming multiple assignments into your busy schedule isn’t great enough already, you’re always able to manage working a job and being an athlete so well!


4. You love going to chapel and you love learning.

The experience students gain through going to chapel, despite not earning actual credit hours, is one of a kind! You go and you love every second of it. Chapel takes your learning experience to another level and you could not be more thankful. You love being educated! Chapel is a privilege and we embrace it here at OKWU.


5. You never settle for less.

The fact that you are here at OKWU getting an education is proof enough that you are highly capable of being successful at anything you set your mind to. Doing homework instead of hanging with friends? You’re unstoppable!


6. You never give up.

Midterm grades came out and you weren’t satisfied with your grades. Or, you failed a test that you studied really hard for. But you don’t give up, you strive and work harder to get your grades up and do better! You have a great mentality that will allow you to succeed and go the depths to become a great student!


7. You make choices every day.

You’re a growing and responsible adult, you make choices, and you learn! Whether it be choosing your classes or deciding your major, (or choosing to do laundry or not), you’re in control!


8. You take embarrassment well.

Ever had one of those embarrassing moments we would all be ashamed to look back on? Maybe you slipped up once during a presentation or accidentally tripped yourself going up the chapel stairs (been there, done that). But, you managed embarrassment like a total professional!


9. You accept failure.

Growing up and being a student, you have to accept failure in your life. The most important thing you can value is that you are continually learning and experiencing during your time as a college student. When you accept God’s calling, you are unstoppable!


10. You don’t panic. Why? You’re an OKWU student!

Along with all the overwhelming concepts of school (homework, studying, classes, work, etc.), you sometimes feel like your life is a bit of a tragic story… It’s okay, because you’re the student who lived to tell about that moment, sometime during your college career, and conquered it!


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