Surviving the Climate #OKWUhacks

Summer is now a distant memory in a far-off dream land. Oklahoma weather engages here at OKWU and we wanna make sure students are comfortably prepared for the seasonal changes and that means, it’s time for major climate weather changes. Oklahoma is known for it’s drastic weather changes, we could have summer days and snow days all in the same week. #OKWUhacks shares some tips on how to keep warm during the icy cold storms..

1) Dress in layers

Now is the time to whip out your old fashioned sweaters and layer up.

2) Bring out warm comfy socks

Everybody loves warm comfy, colorful, socks! Most of our body heat comes from our feet, if we wear warm cozy socks, we are sure to stay warm in even the coldest of blizzards!

3) Keep your hands warm

It’s never a good time when are fingertips are so cold they become numb. That’s why we have gloves! Don’t have some? Get some!

4) Scarfs, hats, and grandma’s old knits

Time to bring out Grandma’s old knits she made you back in elementary school. In order to stay warm (and stylish), we need every clothing accessory possible.

5) Hot drinks are your new best friends!

Hot cocoa, coffee, and hot tea are the best to enjoy the cold temperatures. Pick a favorite and enjoy it well!

6) Keep lip balm and hand lotion handy

Cold temperatures will take a toll on our bodies, we need to be certain to stay hydrated, keep lip balm, and hand lotion on us at all times.

7) For temperature-controlled dorms, keep extra blankets handy.

Dorms like Wesley and Colaw are manually temperature controlled in each room by it’s occupants, but in unfortunate situations, roommates body temperatures vary. The room is too cold but your roommate says it’s too hot, to make matters equally fair, always have extra blankets handy! If you live in Phillippe, the temperature is shared with multiple rooms, which means we are all either going to fry like biscuits or freeze like popsicles. When in doubt, always have blankets.

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