Student Profile: Judith Gonzalez

Judith Gonzalez is a sophomore at Oklahoma Wesleyan University studying Early Childhood Education. She sat down with the Eagle to talk about  her future career and her brother who goes by Suave.

Eagle: So why did you decide to come to OKWU?

Judith: I came to OKWU because I wanted to stay in town. (Judith is a fellow Bartian, yeah!) and because I wanted to grow my faith. What really helped me get here was knowing a recruiter from my church [First Wesleyan Church of Bartlesville] who started recruiting me when I was a junior in high school. Every few months he would ask if I was ready to start at OKWU and I’d tell him no, but I’m here so I guess it worked!

E: Why did you choose to become a teacher?

J: Honestly it wasn’t my first option. My sister always said that she wanted to be the teacher in the family. So I decided I didn’t want to teach and I wanted to do business. But then I started really asking myself what I liked and the answer to that was children. I really believe that God called me to this career. Teaching early childhood takes a lot of patience and I believe I have the patience that is necessary.

Judith VBS
Judith Gonzalez smiles with children at First Wesleyan’s VBS program. Photo courtesy of Judith Gonzalez.

E: You’ve been going to First Wesleyan of Bartlesville for a while now. Why do you like your church?

J: I love my church because of the wonderful, awesome people that go there. You can tell that the people who go to my church really love God by the way they act, by the way they treat others, and because they care about people in general.

E: Has going to OKWU helped you grow in any areas that you needed to grow in?

J: It has! I was a really, really shy person before I came to this university. And now I’m here, and I’m still pretty shy, but I’m getting to know people and I’m starting to break out of my shell.

E: What are you passionate about? What do you look forward to every day?

J: Seeing my kids at Kiddie College. Or seeing kids in general — having kids say hi to me, my kids coming up to me and giving me a big hug, or seeing a smile spread across their face when they see me. That brightens my day.

J: You should write that my brother is “Suave”.

E: Umm…what?

J: Okay, no joke. It happens to me all the time. People come up to me and ask, “Are you Suave’s sister?” and I’m like, “Unfortunately, yes”.

Judith and John
Judith & John (aka Suave) pose for a picture after church. Photo courtesy of Judith Gonzalez.

E: Hahaha what?

J: Okay, my brother’s name is John. We know a few other hispanic people, and they all have nicknames. Even in high school he [John] wanted a nickname. So before he came here he started asking me, “What’s a good nickname?” and he started trying all these nicknames. Finally he started using Suave and I asked him, “Why would you want Suave?!” and he said, “I just want a nickname, I like that nickname”. So I didn’t know he was doing this, but he was introducing himself as Suave. Everyone started asking me if I knew Suave or if I was Suave’s sister. So I asked him, “Did you seriously do the Suave thing?” and now everyone knows him as Suave. It’s a horrible nickname, and he loves it.

If you see Judith or Suave around campus, say hi!



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