Winning Christmas Break #OKWUhacks

Not sure how to spend your Christian break? Many students often take joy in just sleeping their break away. Christmas break can be a long month of nothingness because students are not quite sure of what to do with themselves when they don’t have homework, exams, or assignments. #OKWUhacks shares some tips on how to survive and have fun while you’re at it.

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Catch up on some of your favorite authors that you didn’t have time for while in school. Read the Bible and keep up with scripture. Every day can be a learning experience in school or not.

Enjoy your time

Relax, you’re on Christmas break. Take the time to spend with your family members and catch up. Cherish the moments you get to spend with all your relatives because when school comes back around, you forget how far you are being taken from your loved ones.

Be Adventurous

Go sight-seeing. Do something you’ve never done before! You’re young and adventurous and you want to experience the beauty of the world around you.


Nothing is more comforting than allowing your mind to express words on paper. Write poetry or journal. College is all about writing essays, but writing for fun can be a lot different (and more fun).

Be Creative

Bring out the artist in you. Paint, sculpt, draw –you never know what you’re capable of until you try! Now you have the extra time to explore more things you never knew about yourself. You might even want to get the family together to take pictures for Christmas cards!

Stay Organized

After finals, life is most likely messy. Take time to put your essays, homework, and presentations in organzied files. You spent much precious time on them and you don’t want to just throw it all away (or do you?).

Take Advantage of Holiday Activities

Go ice-skating, make ginger-bread houses, decorate, and get into the holiday spirit! Enjoy the music, go see a play, and don’t forget the true meaning of Christmas and the celebration of the new year. And hey, if it snows–go sledding!

Get a Holiday Job

Christmas shopping can be a great experience. However, your wallet might not think so. Take pleasure in the thought that you are an adult and can make wise decisions, apply for jobs and use your knowledge to gain experience (and a little extra pocket change).


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