Student Profile: Bristol Clark

Bristol Clark is a senior nursing major from Olathe, Kansas. She also plays soccer for the OKWU soccer team, and served as the team’s captain during the 2014-2015 school year. We had a chance to catch up with her recently about the goings-on in her life. Aaron Terrill, a junior business major, and Halie Hansen, a sophomore nursing major, offer some of their colorful commentary throughout her interview. Here’s what they had to say:


Eagle: Bristol, Why did you come to OKWU?

Aaron: Um because… Bristol, why aren’t you answering?

Bristol: Oh I thought you were going to answer, Um, well my parents went here so they were a big influence.

Aaron: My parents went here too.

Bristol: Aaron Terrill, I knew he was coming here, although he was a wee babe, which was a huge influence.

Aaron: I’m definitely one year younger than you.

Bristol: I wanted to play soccer and do nursing, so that was another huge factor.

Eagle: What made you pick nursing?

Soccer Team Celebration
Bristol Clark and other members of the OKWU ladies soccer team come together to celebrate a victory. (OKWU Eagle / Lauren Nash)

Bristol: Well I was an English major, then I came to student orientation. At the time I didn’t know why, but I just walked away from the English station, went over to the nursing station, picked up the forms and filled them out, for no reason at all. Then later I figured out it was definitely God’s prompting.

Eagle: What’s something about yourself that no one knows?

Bristol: I love corndogs, and I’m also extremely scared of the dark. Like, legitimately scared of the dark.

Eagle: You went to Thailand, tell me about that.

Bristol: It was incredible. I was there for very long time, I’m still a little jet lagged. What else do you want to know?

Eagle: Well, I’m forgetting all of my questions…

Aaron: Favorite color?

Eagle: Haha okay Bristol, what is your favorite color?

Halie: Periwinkle

Bristol: IT IS! How did you guess that?? My favorite color is Periwinkle! How did you do that?

Halie: I don’t know!

Bristol: My favorite color is periwinkle! I changed it while I was in Thailand because there were these really beautiful little flowers that were a periwinkle color.

Aaron: Okay if you could transform into any animal, what would it be and why?

Bristol: Why are you asking the questions? Any animal? Is that what you said? Umm…

Aaron: You know dogs, cats, birds, things like that…

Bristol: …A bird, an eagle! A bald eagle.

Aaron: Well mine would be a pterodactyl carnivore that happens to eat bald eagle eggs.

Bristol: So you’re going to make my species extinct? That’s horrible.

Aaron: Favorite dinosaur, go!

Bristol: T-REX *imitates t-rex arms*

Eagle: Okay… What advice would you give to incoming freshmen?

Bristol: I would say definitely say learn your time management skills early so you don’t fall behind! Sports are also a great way to make friends.

Aaron: My advice would be, don’t drink the pond water.

Bristol: Okay, do you want to interview Aaron?? Because I think he has some really great answers..

Eagle: What are your plans after you graduate?

Bristol: Well I’m going to get a job.

Aaron: Yeah a garbage woman

Bristol: Haha. No, I will not be a garbage woman, Aaron…

Aaron: Oh then a garbage… man? Haha, gotcha!

Bristol: But seriously I’m going to get a job at a hospital, I want to work in pediatric oncology.

Eagle: That’s great, you will be so great at that. So since your mission in Thailand, where do you think you want to go next?

Bristol: Well I think I could definitely see myself in Thailand long term.

Eagle: What was your favorite part of Thailand?

Bristol: My favorite part was going to Laos and volunteering with the girls at the home that have chosen to leave prostitution and want a better life. They come to this home and receive help and get to hear the gospel. The home started with just 4 girls and now it has grown to 54 and they have all received Christ and are beginning to heal. The Laos Mission is tied to Thailand, so that’s why I count that as part of Thailand.

Bristol in Thailand
Bristol interacting with the children in Thailand. (Photo courtesy of Abigail Callaghan)

Aaron: Did you just say, “Tied to Thailand?”

Bristol: Yeah I did Aaron, try to say that 5 times fast.

Aaron: [says “tied to Thailand” 5 times fast]

Bristol: That was definitely not fast enough.

Aaron: Yeah it was. It definitely was.

Eagle: Bristol, What is your favorite OKWU memory?

Bristol: Freshman year, it is pouring rain, 5 other girls and I went outside, there was probably 30 people out on the lawn playing ultimate frisbee. The losing team had to jump in the pond, and my team lost…

Aaron: Dancing in the rain!

Eagle: Oh no…

Bristol: So that’s the one time I have been in the pond. Ashleigh Johnson and I wore our goggles while we were playing in the rain.

Eagle: Hey I probably would have done the same thing! Hmm, let’s see if I can remember another question since I left my notes, coming up with questions is kind of hard! Aaron, do you have another question besides animals and colors…

Bristol: You think asking the questions are hard? The answers are really hard!

Aaron: If you could have one superpower what would it be and why!

Bristol: Oh I hate that question! There are so many superpow-

Aaron: Easy! Teleportation.

Bristol: Why?

Aaron: I could go anywhere I wanted at any time I wanted. Duh…

Eagle: Okay anyway… What has been the most challenging thing of college that you have had to overcome?

Aaron: Making friends?

Bristol: Haha, well, definitely nursing school. No, the most challenging thing would be being friends with Aaron Terrill!! But for real, the most challenging thing would be probably learning how to balance all the aspects of academics and soccer and student life correctly and not letting any crash. But I feel like college has taught me how to balance those things in my life and has taught me how to set apart time to excel in each area. I think that is definitely a skill that will help me in the future. I’m excited to see what God has in store for me after I graduate.

So there you have it! I hope this interview has offered a peek into the life and times of one of our very own, Bristol Clark. Thank you for reading!

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