Hole in the Wall: Best Bartlesville Food You Can’t Miss

We joke about midnight fast food runs (we know what you did at Taco Bell) or a trip to QT for donuts and coffee, but some OKWU students are in the know about other dining establishments, too! If you haven’t been to these fantastic eateries, you’ve been missing out. Read on for menus, recommendations, and some mouth-watering photos from three of Bartlesville’s best (in our humble opinion) “holes in the wall”.

Now you know.

El Rincon

ElRincon_foodAs I entered El Rincon, I was greeted with the smell of rice and beans, tamales, and food I cannot pronounce. Before I could say a word, a chips and appetizer was placed just in my reach. (Warning: if you have tender taste buds this salsa may be a little spicy). After eating a delectable Pork Carnitas Fajita, I found that this restaurant not only was a café but a market! Candies and fruit (and more food I cannot pronounce) are also sold at El Rincon. If you are an adventurous spirit, El Rincon is the perfect place to try! And if you do have tender taste buds, no worries: the Chicken Quesadilla is a perfect fit*.


223 S Comanche Ave
Bartlesville, OK 74003

(918) 336-2481

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Hours of Operation

Urbanspoon Rating: 90%

Szechuan Restaurant

Sz-general tsao

This restaurant is one of a kind. From the delicious egg drop soup to the crispy orange shrimp, the Chinese cuisine served here is hard to beat. Szechuan is open for lunch or dinner and the menu options are nearly endless. On the table, you will also find an intriguing Chinese birth calendar telling you what your Chinese spirit animal is. Truly an unforgettable (and tasty) experience!


516 SE Washington Blvd
Bartlesville, OK 74006

(918) 335-3945

Hours of Operation

Urbanspoon Rating: 87%

Weeze’s Cafe


Let’s be honest. Most OKWU students never get breakfast food when normal people usually do. Late night breakfast and IHOP at midnight are an OKWU students breakfast life. But Weeze’s is definitely worth the early morning. This small downtown café has any breakfast food imaginable, along with a hearty supply of coffee (and yes, you will need lots of that!). Weezes offers a small town atmosphere, fun wall décor, and an enjoyable breakfast.


328 S. Dewey
Bartlesville, OK  74003

(918) 337-0881

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Hours of Operation

Urbanspoon Rating: 85% 

Now you have no excuse to miss some of the best Bartlesville food!

Cover Art by Jonathan Zapata

Contributors: Lauren Nash, Ava Yeabower, Arionna Harms, Kariny Delahaye, and Megan England

*Note: Despite what you may see on Google, eyewitnesses say El Rincon is not cash only.

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  1. Morgan Bridgeford

    Schezuan is (my opinion) the best Chinese restaurant in town and the owner Amy and her husband and very great and funny people!


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