Student Profile: Janessa Blain

Janessa BlainSenior Janessa Blain is from the small town of Broadus, Montana. Majoring in music education, she has loved music as long as she can remember. Recently, the Eagle stopped by to gain a little insight into her life as an OKWU student.

Eagle: What made you choose OKWU?

Janessa: A lot of my family came here. My parents met here on campus, both of my brothers graduated [from here], I have some cousins here, and I felt God wanted me to come.

Eagle: How did your parents meet?

Janessa: My mom went to church camp and told her friend that she was going to marry a Blain. Also, my dad owned a motorcycle and had the rule, “if you could start it you could ride it.” With all his friends trying my mom came over and asked if she could ride it. When she started the motorcycle my dad’s friends were angry, but my dad knew he had something.

Eagle: How did you come to choose your major

Janessa:  I loved music growing up. I started piano lessons at five and in fifth grade started band. While still in fifth grade I became intrigued with music; I wanted to learn how to play every instrument and learn all I could about music. In middle school and high school I was also in band.

Eagle: You are involved with OKWU’s music department; has there been a specific artist or person that has inspired your passion/love for music?

Janessa: In high school my band and choir teacher was really influential for me. She helped me learn a lot and make strong decisions.

Eagle: Do you have a favorite OKWU memory?

Janessa: Wow, there are a lot and I can’t really choose one! In freshmen year, I don’t remember going to bed before one-o’clock except when I was sick. Ok, ok, I would have to say the opportunities that OKWU has made available for me. I was involved with a church plant in Bozeman, Montana. From that experience I grew and learned a lot. In Kentucky, OKWU [students provided] security for a conference. I loved that experience. I have also loved living on campus and being a part of the events.

Janessa and OKWU friends
Janessa and OKWU friends, Ashleigh and Bristol.

Eagle: Has there been a specific person at OKWU that has helped you throughout your four years?

Janessa: Kathy Lindquist, Sheresa Grate, Kyle White, and many others. I can’t really pick one; there have been so many.

Eagle: What have you enjoyed most about senior year?

Janessa: I started student teaching this semester, which has been great for the first four weeks, and I love it. But really I am trying to make the most out of what I have. Being a Resident Assistant (RA) for South Philippe, I have learned a lot and I love being a role model to them.

Eagle: If there was anything you could have done differently in your four years what would it have been?

Janessa: I would have taken the opportunities to go on the different trips with OKWU because when you graduate college you won’t have those opportunities any more.

Eagle: What are your plans for after graduation?

Janessa: I actually don’t really know. I had planned on maybe going to music therapy school or working in special education. I would love to be able to blend music education with special education. I have also thought about getting a Masters in school administration or taking a year off and doing whatever until I have to become an adult.


Whatever direction she chooses after graduation, it’s bound to be an adventure!


Cover Photo: Janessa with her brother, Jarrett (far left) and cousins Austin and Andrew, recent OKWU graduates.

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