Transformation Tuesday: Laura and Lucas

Lucas Carvalho


Lucas’ humble beginnings, age 4.

Lucas Carvalho is a senior soccer player from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and has spent the last four years at Oklahoma Wesleyan. Lucas tells us that OKWU already brings him bittersweet memories:

“OKWU was a fantastic time in my life. God has everything planned, and I’m thankful for being part of this school and this soccer program. I definitely learned a lot during the 4 years I’ve been here.”


Lucas, from his freshman year to senior year at OKWU.

Looking back at the transformation in his life, Lucas realized how each year was different and special. He explains:

“Every year there are new people coming into your life, having the chance to play with people from all over the world, and making friends for life. I will always remember all my teammates and coaches, and how much each one of them were important to me during this journey. [These are] memories I will never forget.”


Laura McKnight



Laura, age 10.

Laura Mcknight is a senior from Olathe, Kansas, also spent her four college years at Oklahoma Wesleyan. She came as a young freshman, who was excited to play soccer and be away from home. Laura took a little time from her busy schedule to explain how much OKWU has meant to her while transitioning from a young woman to a matured woman in Christ.

“I feel like I have transformed tremendously from the different people I have been exposed to and opportunities I have been blessed with. OKWU has challenged me in all areas of my life; on the soccer field, in my relationships, in the classroom, in the professional world and in my spiritual walk. They have have been helpful and supportive every step of the way and I am excited to graduate come May.


“OKWU has given me a lifetime of memories and friendships that will last forever. I even found a pretty incredible guy to do life with forever and am marrying Josh Young in August.”

Balancing college life with athlete life wasnt always easy. However, it was worth it. Laura’s busy schedule brought her great memories along with it.


Laura from freshman to senior year at OKWU.

“My freshman year reminds me of the team that never gave up and a whole lot of crazy pranks and late nights in Wesley. My sophomore year was the most disappointing [because] I tore my ACL and had to have surgery, which put me on the sideline the rest of the season.


Junior year was the most challenging, coming back from an injury was no joke. And senior year was a whole new team and was what most coaches would call a “rebuilding year.” It was great to meet such a diverse new group of girls and I wish them all the best in their future seasons.”

We all have been impacted somehow at OKWU whether we realize it or not. What’s your #transformationtuesday story?

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