Student Profile: Taylor Harvey

Taylor Harvey is a junior pre-med major who has a passion for helping people through medicine. She was noted as a successful student by her professors, so the Eagle sat down with her to talk about how she came to OKWU, good memories at OKWU, and her plans for the future.

Eagle: Why did you choose your major and why did you come to OKWU?
Taylor: I chose my major because my little brother was diagnosed at [the age of] two with a degenerative genetic disorder. Naturally, we had to go to a ton of doctors’ appointments, so I was exposed to all different kinds of professions in the medical field. I felt a passion for it, that I could make a difference in kids’ lives like his.

“I felt a passion for it, that I could make a difference in kids’ lives…”

I wasn’t planning on coming to OKWU. I was looking at other schools, but my parents told me I should apply everywhere. I got in contact with some good people, I prayed about it, and I got some scholarships. I met my roommate before we moved in together, and it’s like a match made in heaven.

Taylor Harvey friends OKWU Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Taylor Harvey (second from left) and friends pose in the La Quinta mansion courtyard. (Photo courtesy of Taylor Harvey)

Eagle: That’s cool! How did you two meet?
Taylor: Danny Velez got us in contact with each other; he thought that we might get along. So we started texting back and forth, then we met at a Mexican restaurant in Skiatook.

Eagle: So you’re passionate about helping people through medicine, when do you start your shadowing hours (before med school)?
Taylor: I haven’t started those yet, but I will this summer. Over the summers, I usually volunteer at the Little Lighthouse in Tulsa which is a school for children with special needs. My brother went there when he was little; they graduate when they’re six. I really enjoy it.

Taylor Harvey pumpkin patch OKWU
Taylor Harvey and her little brother sit for a picture in a pumpkin patch. (Photo courtesy of Taylor Harvey)

Eagle: Could you talk a little more about the Little Lighthouse since you’ve volunteered there?

Taylor: It’s a non-profit organization for disabled kids. They have several different programs; they have a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, and a speech therapist, but I mainly volunteered in the classrooms. I was just there as an aide; I helped feed them, play with them, and take them to their activities.

Eagle: How has going to OKWU helped you grow?

Taylor: I grew up in Sperry [Oklahoma], so I went to school with the same people from kindergarten through twelfth grade. I think it was really good for me to come here and make my own friends. It’s also helped me grow in independence and in my spiritual life because I have to manage my schoolwork, but also keep in mind my devotions and church life.

“I went to school with the same people from kindergarten through twelfth grade. I think it was really good for me to come here and make my own friends … “

Eagle: Do you have any hobbies?

Taylor: I love reading, I love antiquing.

Eagle: Do you antique in Bartlesville at all?

Taylor: I haven’t very much, but I love the Tuesday House. I also go to the antique place in Skiatook. I bought a really cool Polaroid camera the other day from the Tuesday House.

Eagle: So you want to go to med school after OKWU. Do you have a specific school in mind?

Taylor: I really wanna go to OU-Tulsa. So I’m looking into that, but I’m not sure it will be med school because I’m also thinking about occupational therapy. That would just be grad school, but I’d still get my doctorate. I haven’t put out of my mind becoming a pediatric doctor, so that’s why I’m pre-med; I’m just trying to keep my options open.

Eagle: What has been your favorite moment at OKWU?

Taylor: In general, I really enjoyed being a freshman in Wesley dorm, because that’s where I met all my friends. We were all on the same floor, so we got really close that year. The boys’ dorm decided to bombard us at our floor meeting with nasty stuff — I can’t remember what they had in mind, but I think it was eggs or something like that. Their RA told our RA about it, just to warn her, but he wasn’t expecting her to tell us. But she told us to be prepared and to retaliate. We got the nastiest stuff; we got 2 liters of pop and shook them up, really cold water, eggs, flour, all kinds of disgusting stuff. So we hid in the garden area between the girls’ dorms. The boys started coming and it just turned into a nasty mush war. It was freezing that night and we were all soaked with gross things. It was disgusting, but really fun.

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