Breaking Good: Spring Edition

Congratulations, OKWU! We have made it more than halfway through the spring semester! A little different than the month-long winter break, OKWU students cram as much fun as they possible can in that single, honored, week mid-semester: Spring Break.

Here are just a few of the many ways your fellow students spent Spring Break 2k15.

OKWU Ventures: Grand Canyon

Ethan May traveled to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park with OKWU Ventures.

Ethan May, Grand Canyon


Ethan said of the trip, “My trip with OKWU Ventures was unbelievable. I saw some of the most amazing places on the planet with some amazing people.”


Grand Canyon Sunrise

May shared that one of the trip highlights was standing at the rim of the Grand Canyon: “I couldn’t help but sing the old hymn ‘How Great Thou Art.'”

Morgan Terrill: Colorado

Morgan Terrill didn’t take the typical spring break beach vacation. Instead, she went to the snowy hills of Arapahoe Basin, Colorado, with some OKWU friends and family.

Aaron Terrill’s killer jump at the Arapahoe Basin (Morgan Terrill)

OKWU Spring Break

Terrill shared that her favorite part of the trip was “probably when Kacey Ficklin fell and slid on her butt all the way down the mountain. I actually cried, I laughed so hard.”


Vanessa Carreno: Arizona

Vanessa Carreno was ‘breaking good’ on OKWU’s Math and Science department trip to Sun Valley Indian School in Holbrook, Arizona. Carreno traveled with the group to Amarillo, Albuquerque, Holbrook, Arizona, and the Grand Canyon.


Sun Valley Indian School

Carreno said, “It was so much fun because we had the opportunity to do something with those kids and I felt like it was a very rewarding trip!”


Vanessa science project

Carreno shared, “We stayed at Sun Valley Indian school, where we built rockets with the children and made nitrogen ice cream. I loved the trip! Of course, my favorite parts were spending time with children that needed our love and visiting the Grand Canyon.”


Jonathan Zapata and Juan Miranda: Miami, Florida

Jonathan Zapata and Juan Miranda traveled to Miami to see family and lounge at Miami beach.


Juan and Jonathan

Jonathan mastered the back-flip off the paddle board.


Chelsie Childerston: Western Road Trip

Chelsie Childerston took a road trip and traveled through Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Kansas.

Chelsie Oregon

Chelsie said, “Oregon was by far my favorite. The whole state was super green and beautiful! I was able to see where I am going to be living after graduation, so, of course I thought it was great!”


Chelsie Colorado

Chelsie added, “I think my favorite favorite part of the trip was the time in the car. That’s crazy I know, but it was in this time where the best memories were made with Sheresa Grate and Janessa Blain. I have never never laughed so hard in my life!”


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