Real Students With Really Strange Study Habits

Study… buddy… muddy… cruddy… putty, Kid Cudi, nutty, gutty, gutsy, gusty, musty, dusty, DUST BUNNY … wait.


Maybe this sounds familiar to you…


Maybe I sound crazy…


Maybe you don’t care how I sound because you are trying to procrastinate studying so nothing really matters at all to you except not studying…


These are the things that happen when we–students of all ages, years, and grade levels–try to study.


We get off track, we get side tracked, we get distracted, we get TRAPPED within our heads and all of a sudden must clean EVERYTHING within sight.


cleaning nature
A photo to emphasize “everything within sight.” (photo cred:


Who can concentrate with such a mess?! And then there’s food; all must eat. Welp, food takes at least half an hour to make, half an hour to eat — or a few if watching a Netflix series — and then there’s the clean up process and the time it takes to get situated after making the very mature decision to sit down and finally study.


For instance: Twitter, Facebook, Pandora, and Spotify are all necessary tools when it comes to studying, amirite?


I don’t know why I’m asking you. I already know. I have proof. I asked students!


The question:

“What are your study habits?”




“I have to blast classical music. Can’t face a corner. Must have back protected. Hands have to be clean.”

– A blonde beauty with the best eyebrows I’ve ever seen.


“I have to clean my room before concentrating. But, really, the secret is to just don’t.

– A brilliant mind that edits the heck out of nonsense and
knows way more than anyone ever about
the history of Campo, Colorado.


“I sit in the same chair and smell the same things (preferably spearmint — extra-preferably freshly picked).”

– Probably the single most impressive person that everyone knows…
and she has an awesome nickname… and she “can’t even.”


“I have to have a clean room and study somewhere quiet… like the library…”

**Insert dagger eyes here toward the EVER-NOISY SOCCER PLAYERS — just kidding (not really).**

– a misplaced Shakespearian princess (quoted by Alexander Vieux)


“Procrastinate with lots of study breaks. Also, go to the library to socialize.”

– The happiest most-smiley person you’ll ever meet
who always claims to need coffee.


The following war will take place during finals week between the misplaced Shakespearian princess and the happiest most-smiley person you’ll ever meet. Location? Drake Library. Reason? Studying vs. Socializing. Battle? Ultimate death. 


“Put on music and a TV show that I’ve seen so I don’t have to watch. (It’s like dirt in a clam shell, irritating it to make a pearl… if I have enough irritants and time under the right conditions then I will make a marvelous, stupendous, lustrous, magnificent pearl!)

Side note: “I once actually did do a homework assignment.”

– A really cool person with way-awesome words who analyzes
most things and has killer wit (especially for the OKWU Eagle news).


“If you’re married with a family and have a job, the best hours for studying are between 9pm and 1am.”

– A professor with two jobs, one wife, six kids…
and a knack for web design and social media and all that
necessary guru stuff for this ridiculous age of web-based everything.


“Receiving a shoulder massage while listening to Coldplay (: ”

– A tall, dark, and handsome individual
who has way-too-big a man-crush on my fiancé…


“I always study better really late at night after about three pots of coffee. I would rather pull an all-nighter than get three hours of sleep.”

– A tall, not-so-dark, but handsome fellow
who loves cowboy boots and a lady named Mariah.


“For remembering purposes my friends and I make a buttload of acronyms, make up stories integrating boyfriends and friends into them, and every fifteen minutes we have a three minute dance party.”

– A brown-eyed brunette beauty
who may frequently answer the question:
Does your name have a hyphen?


“We tend to work out in the middle of studying, which includes doing squats with each other on our shoulders. I change positions a lot; I tend to end up sitting in the splits or in the fetal position.”

– The roommate to the one above;
the only person I know who could do splits while studying;
the only person who can be both adorable and freak people out
with her wing-flapping at the same time.


“One way I’ve studied is teaching Dr. Quick objectives to a stuffed armadillo…”

student studying with armadillo

Photographer: “She is explaining the microbiological lines of defense to a stuffed armadillo.”

– One of the coolest people ever who happens to go
beast-mode during volleyball and
“always plays cards in Docs” (- Smash Johnson).


“I have to indulge in social media for at least 15 minutes before starting homework.”

– A studly goofball with incredible biceps and nerd glasses to die for.


“I have to write everything down on a whiteboard and pretend-teach the material to an imaginary class. I even play the role of the students sometimes.”

– Elementary-education major who actively photo-bombs
and whose soon-to-be last name is Pomfret.


“Does ‘not studying’ count as a study habit?”

– Fifth-year senior PE major who coined the phrase:
A dang good time.”


“I make up songs or weird motions to help me remember things for tests.”

– A darling individual with a new ring on her finger
and the only person I know from the land of potatoes!


“[My best friend] and I will often turn music up really loud and have a dance party wherever we are. Usually to the Wop. It’s embarrassing.”

– One half to the pair of best friends who love soccer, love nursing,
apparently love killing themselves with busy schedules,
and as of Christmas-break they love Thailand!



The best has been saved for last. Enjoy.

“Sometimes I listen to water sounds because it’s the only thing that helps me zone the world out and concentrate. Usually the longer the song title the better the song is. Names like “Crystal Water Gently Flowing Under the Rustic Bridge” or “Pitter Patter Raindrops in the Peaceful Luscious Rainforest” or “Morning Sunrise Waves in the Sandy Bay” are not uncommon.”

– One of the funniest faces of OKWU with a notoriously
awesome beard and a mouth made for beat boxing.






  1. Bring everything you need and nothing you don’t.
  2. Use memory games (mnemonic devices).
  3. Take breaks (and rewards).
  4. Don’t cram all studying into one session.
  5. Make a study schedule and stick to it.
  6. Start with the most difficult subject first.
  7. Always review notes before starting an assignment.
  8. Make sure you are not disturbed while you are studying.
  9. Use study groups effectively.
  10. Review your notes, schoolwork, and other class materials over the weekend.




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