OKWU Croquet Wins Another National Championship

OKWU Croquet continues to dominate the field with their 3rd National Championship.
The team is led by Coach (retired librarian and senior croquet medalist) Wendell Thompson and former team member Daniel Johnston. With only one returning member, Aaron Fratzke, the rest of the team stepped up in a big way to take home the top two places at the tournament. New members include Colton Frederick, Peter Pendergrass, Austin Gibson, Nathaniel Sanborn, Caleb Wilson, Ross Courtain and Colton Miller.

OKWU Croquet, ready to go!

Dubbed “quickest mallets in the West” by the Examiner Enterprise, three OKWU doubles advanced through the tournament to the Elite 8, and two OKWU pairs met for the championship. The teams competed against other schools including the Naval Academy and some of the Ivy League schools.

Participants at the Merion Cricket Club

OKWU Croquet not only took the top two spots, but also placed #5 and #16 in the tournament, giving the team enough points overall to take the championship for the third time since 2011.

croquet team
OKWU 2015 Croquet Team with the championship trophy

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