The Reality of College Commitment: #OKWUhacks

OKWU is in the last days before we endure the week of finals. Here are a few tips from #OKWUhacks to remind every student to stay on top of their studies. Being a college student is not easy. The commitment that is given throughout this final month of the spring semester will determine all that you (the student) are capable of. Take these tips into consideration and remember: commitment is all it takes.


Most students are hesitant to ask for help from professors… Don’t be. The professors of OKWU are here to help and to ensure you receive an education. Do not feel obligated to ask for help; kindness and generosity lie in the heart of the OKWU family.

Manage Your Time

Time is everything, never take spare time for granted. Do you have projects, essays, and final reports due soon? Use your time now to get a head start. Your summer reward is near!

Have a Plan

Stay organized and write down all your due dates and homework assignments in a planner.

Do Your Devotions

No matter how busy the hours and days of your schedule get as the semester comes to a close, stay committed to reading daily devotionals. It may be the extra push of hope you need to get through your stressful studies.

Sleep Wisely

Ever heard the saying: “If you’re always tired that must mean you’re doing something right”? To be consistent in your studies will most likely result in a messy sleep schedule. Embrace your sleepiness! Long days, late nights, and early mornings are all a part of the college experience. However, always remember to prioritize health over working yourself to death (that’s kind of important).


Take a deep breath, relax, and remember: you’ve got this.

Be Social

Now is the time to become a pro at balancing school, sleep, and interaction with other life forms (this would be called friendships). While it may seem almost impossible, you owe it to yourself to be just as committed to living a normal life AND being a full time student.

Be Consistent

Working hard or hardly working? Be consistent in whatever strategy you choose to fulfill your day’s work. Always stay focused and prepared; finals week will be here before you know it.

Don’t Hesitate

As the semester is coming to an end, now is the time to take full advantage of every coming moment. Let no breath of air be a waste, but let every breath of life be fulfilling.


Being in college at a young age, it is often easy to neglect yourself and your needs. Always remember the success you wish to achieve. Stay positive and stay tuned for the success that OKWU has in store for you.


Cover Photo: “Studying” via Jack Amick on FlickrCC BY-NC 2.0

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