What Goes Around, Comes Around

Dr. Piper once called him “Brilliant” (hehe, get it?) Former students say he was their “best professor ever”…

Once upon a time, a younger and more impressionable Sarah Sapp (now Sarah Herrera!) drew a fantastic cartoon of everyone’s favorite communications professor, Dr. Cochran. It was posted on the Eagle way back in 2012, along with a short profile.


For less than a day.

With his characteristic humility, Dr. Cochran asked us to take it down and give preference to another faculty profile first. Being the obedient students we are (were), we obeyed.

But we’re seniors now, and we don’t have time for such rules.

So here are some of the Communication and Production Lab seniors weighing in on the man, the wordsmith, the legend, Dr. David Cochran.


Sarah (Sapp) Herrera, Communication Arts

sarah sapp herreraBeing the only Comm professor for the majority of my college experience, Dr. Cochran has experienced a lot of us and we’ve experienced a lot of him. Like hearing funny stories about his kids, learning how he stole his wife away from a jock (what a stud), and spending countless hours in the Comm lab. It’s been one heck of a 3 years and I’m going to miss the incredible team he has helped create! (Along with his love for web humor — never gets old.)

Annie Cheney, Communication Arts

annieDr. Cochran (professor, advisor, colleague, friend): thank you for letting me explore and try new things, thank you for letting me be a little obnoxiously ambitious sometimes, and bringing me back to the drawing board when it was needed to see the big picture. Thank you for offering solid advice and encouragement and even tissues when the major and minor (no pun intended hehe) life decisions got overwhelming. I’m privileged to call you a professor and friend!

Arionna Harms, Communication Arts

arionnaDr. Cochran, I don’t think we can thank you enough for all you have taught us throughout our years in Communications! And all the times you put up with us! You have been such an inspiration to all of us and without your help I’m sure I’d still be using bright colors in everything and placing exclamation points at the end of every sentence! Thanks heaps, Dr. Cochran.


Camila Montejo, Communication Arts

camilaDear Dr. Cochran, I wish I could come up with fancy words (like the writing girls) to describe how honored I feel that you have guided me and supported me all these years, but I’ll make it simple: I am beyond blessed, we all are! You have been a blessing to all of us and I love that we share a passion for good design! Thank you for all you’ve invested in me!


Megan England, Media Design & Strategy

meganHaving spent the majority of my college time in the Communications lab, Dr. Cochran has played a huge role in helping me define what I want to do as a career. He’s not only great at what he does, but his kind heart is always evident. He doesn’t just care about our work for his classes— he takes time to care about us as individuals, even in the midst of his crazy schedule. His passion for his faith spills over into everything he does.

Thanks, Dr. Cochran, it’s been lovely!

Ashleigh Johnson, Secondary English Education

ashleighDr. Cochran: Thank you for putting up with all of my antics. You are so patient with my continually distracted nature, and I appreciate you weeding through my awful ideas to get to the decent ones. I have learned a great deal about humility, journalism, and myself from being in Production Labs with you, and I will miss your faithful dedication to God and to hard work. The past couple of years have been whimsical.


So “DC”, here’s to you. Thank you for the time you give us.



P.S. If you take this down…

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