Transformation Tuesday: Mariah, Steven, and Nichole

Mariah Shepherd


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Mariah Shepherd posing with her High School team, at age 13.

Mariah Shepherd is a senior from the small town of Grantsville, Utah. On her first two years of college, she attended Western Nebraska Community College, and then she received a call from Coach Reeves inviting her to come on a visit. Mariah was impressed with OKWU campus.

“When I came on my visit I thought the campus was absolutely beautiful”

Mariah is majoring in Psychology, and after she graduates from OKWU, she plans on going to graduate school for a marriage and family therapy program. She took a little bit of her time between her classes and softball practices to tell us how OKWU has impacted her life since she got here:

“It was hard adapting to being so far away from home but the people I have met since I’ve been here have made it quite an experience.


Mariah Shepherd from freshman year to senior year.

I have made some of the best relationships in my life with people here at Oklahoma Wesleyan. It hasn’t always been easy, but overall, it has been such a great experience. I am very blessed to have the opportunity to be able to be playing the sport I love while attending college.”


Steven Cooks



Steven Cooks dominating the basketball courts on High School, at age 17.

Steven Cooks is a senior from Fort Worth, Texas, majoring in Physical Education. Steven told us that OKWU has impacted and helped him to grow. Steven explain,

“I came to OKWU and thought I had things figured out and came to the realization that I basically knew nothing. After I got over myself, I made some great lifelong friends and started investing into other’s lives. I’ve been blessed beyond measure for coming to this school.”


Steven Cooks from freshman to senior year at OKWU.

During his time at OKWU, Steven was a conference champion, made some long-lasting friendships, and scored over 1000 points in his career, becoming a leader of the basketball team.

“Looking through the pictures brings back memories of good times, but it’s definitely bittersweet. It’s sad that I won’t be able to make anymore of these memories but I was blessed by getting to make them as well”, he says.


Nichole Tate



Nichole Tate’s humble beginnings. 

Nichole Tate is a senior from Sand Springs, Oklahoma. She explains that OKWU has impacted her life more than she ever expected. She is thankful that God opened this door for her to attend Oklahoma Wesleyan and also for her parents for encouraging her to come try it out.

“My relationship with God has grown tremendously because of the example my coaches, professors, and friends have set before me. I have grown as a person here as well, and have learned a lot of life lessons from classes, basketball, and friendships”, she says.


Nichole Tate from freshman to senior year.

Nichole has grown to have, in her words, “an unbreakable bond with [her] basketball family” and she explains that she would not be where she is today if it was not for them encouraging and pushing her every day.

Looking back through this pictures bring me memories with my teammates; the unforgettable road trips we have had and the times we would get to hotels extremely late then have to play the next day (…) It also brings back some of the best wins we have had and all the fun we had celebrating in the locker room after the games! All and all the memories that I have from basketball are some of the greatest memories I have with some of the best people around and I would not trade a single one”, she completes.


It is through these little things that we realize how blessed we are to attend school with such friendly and loving environment; a special school that is ready to make a difference in our lives.

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