Study Abroad: Student Goes Down Under

IF I COULD DESCRIBE AUSTRALIA IN ONE SENTENCE…I couldn’t! I arrived in Brisbane, Australia, the 16th of February where I met the rest of the group who were also studying abroad in Australia. As we walked off the plane with hoodies and jeans, the hot Aussie sun hit us with a glaring 91 degrees.

I am attending Christian Heritage College – or “Uni” as everyone here refers to it as – until the 8th of June. If you walk onto CHC’s campus there are about 200 students mingling between class, the library, or the common room. The common room is filled with giant bean bags, a TV, fridge, microwave, pool table, and an endless amount of Aussie two minute noodles. Obviously it is every college student’s favorite place to be!

Harms is spending the semester studying in Australia at the Christian Heritage College near Brisbane.

COMING TO AUSTRALIA, I HAVE FOUND MANY ADVENTURES waiting for me! There is the culture, the accents, kangaroos, koalas, and the Tim-Tams (if you have not bit into one of these delectable Aussie cookies you have truly not lived). And let’s not forget about the famous Vegemite (you can live without this)!

Harms and kangaroo
During her time in Australia, Harms has explored Australian culture, even taking time to meet the nation’s infamous animal, the kangaroo.

SADLY SUMMER IS OFFICIALLY GONE HERE and we are currently in the season of fall and going into winter, which doesn’t get much cooler than 50 degrees. With summer on its way out, time on the beaches is also running out. But the beaches here are crazy awesome. I am still peeling to show for it! The beach is just one of the many discoveries I have made on this epic adventure to Australia.

Australian beach
Of her many discoveries, Harms says she has grown very fond of the beaches in Australia.

MY OTHER ADVENTURES AND DISCOVERIES INCLUDE, but are not limited to, getting lost for over 3 hours while attempting to use the bus system, finding that spiders here are GIMUNGUS, and learning not to panic when people are driving on the wrong side of the road. But the thing that tops it all is that Australia has very good coffee!