One of the great ways to be plugged in and active at OKWU, the Student Government Organization (SGO) consists of a cabinet of leaders representing classes and campus groups. SGO works to organize activities, host fundraisers, and bring student ideas and concerns to OKWU leadership.


Andrew “Smitty” Smith, President –

Sarah Sapp, Vice-President –

Sunshine Hattingh, Faculty Advisor –


Currently Open:

Senior and Freshman offices of President and Vice President. Contact Andrew, Sarah, or Sunshine to begin running for office.



In order to participate in OKWU SGO, you must be elected by the OKWU student body. However, the OKWU community is welcome to participate in meetings and events and are encouraged to contact SGO with ideas and concerns about campus life. 




SGO facilitates weekly brainstorming sessions of the Student Cabinet. They are in charge of many campus activities along with fundraisers for organizations on campus, missions work, etc. Members of SGO are required to complete community volunteer hours.


SGO hosts weekend activities and fundraisers, as well as weekly meetings. More information to follow.

Check the calendar for the latest events.


Contact Andrew, Sarah, or Sunshine for more information.