What We Did Over Quarantine

Written by: Hannah Van Kuiken 

What to do, what to do? Since we have been forced into seclusion for the sake of self-preservation, meaning no one wanted to get sick, we have had so much time on our hands that we have had no idea what to do with it. So, what did the student body of Oklahoma Wesleyan do during the quarantine to entertain themselves? I spent most of the quarantine binge-watching new shows. I have had the privilege to ask some of my fellow OKWU students what they did to keep themselves occupied during this time of madness. Ashlyen Fisher and Summer Smith said that they both started running. Sidnie Brown told me she kept herself busy by thinking up new jokes and by writing to an elderly woman about her experiences in her life. Those are a few examples of what our classmates have done with their spare time; others have tried to learn new things like Japanese, putting together puzzles, teaching pets’ new tricks, or simply sleeping the day away. Additionally, some students have worked on developing their craftsmanship, like making bowls out of antlers, watching and painting along to Bob Ross videos, and even starting to write short stories. These are only a few examples of the overabundance of talents that we all have developed over our time of separation from our friends and family. Some of us will miss having a little extra time to pursue our new hobbies or old habits, while others are more than perfectly happy to return to the chaos of everyday student life. Which one are you?