2019 Intramural Volleyball

Written By: Katie Tuggle

Students looking to play different sports without the added pressure that is associated with collegiate athletics may consider participating in OKWU intramural sports. At OKWU, students have the opportunity to compete in Ultimate Frisbee and flag football in the fall and indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, and Ultimate Frisbee in the spring. A unique aspect of intramural sports is the community and the opportunity to play with different kinds of people. Klaryssa Huessmann enjoys playing intramurals because “people from all sports get to play together, making for some pretty cool teams.”

Intramural volleyball is in full swing and headed into playoffs in the coming week. With seventeen teams and about a hundred students participating, intramural volleyball is having a very successful 2019 season. Topping the leaderboard after five nights of competition is Lantingua’s Team with 30 points and a winning streak of 10 games! Following close behind with a tie for second are The Lads and Bo’s Team with 27 points each. With such hard competition, anything could happen going into playoffs.

Although the competitive nature is a factor for participation in intramural volleyball, many other students join to enjoy the community that is fostered through teams. Fire Mixtapes team member Justin Huffman states, “Our team isn’t the best and we’re not the most talented; not all of us know a lot about volleyball or even how to hit a volleyball properly, but we have the most passion for playing and we love our team. This is a really cool aspect of intramural volleyball that I did not get to experience last year because I didn’t participate. I’m glad I’m participating this year because I get to experience time with friends.” He also says, “We get to laugh at the mistakes that we make, but we also get to love each other through that and get hyped up for the wins and the power plays. I think that is probably what makes intramural volleyball so fun: the love and compassion, but also the hype and competitiveness.”

Intramural volleyball is sadly coming to a close, but the spring season of Ultimate Frisbee is about to get fired up. In the previous season of Ultimate, 10 teams with 130 participants took to the field. With many wanting to retain their title as champs and others looking forward to getting to know new people through team drafting, Ultimate is definitely a campus favorite for the spring semester. Registration is currently open, and the season will begin April 1!