5 Things to Do When It’s Snowing in Oklahoma

Written By: Liam Watts

So you looked outside, and it’s snowing. Some of you are ecstatic. Some of you are miserable. However, all of you are here at OKWU, and can you believe it? It’s snowing. So for all of you, here’s a list of 5 things that you can do to beat the cold and have some fun.

1. Get a hot drink at Doc Lacy’s

What better way to stay warm and keep toasty then by getting a hot drink at Doc Lacy’s? I asked Doc’s baristas for their personal recommendations, and Jeremiah Storkson recommended either a “seasonal or caramel latte or a hot chocolate.” On the other hand, Sam Hurley recommends “getting the drink of the week or a Big Train Steamer.” Finally, Ryan Reimer contends that a “Spiced chai latte or tea is the way to go.” Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a good mug of house coffee.

2. Bundle up

It’s not all the time that you get to wrap yourself in as many layers as possible and call it fashion. So, why not wear as many of your favorite pieces as possible all at once! Throw on that graphic t-shirt, cover it in a sweater, and drape it all with that super fluffy, super comfy coat that feels delightful to wear. Reed Garland says, “Why stop there? Throw on three pairs of sweatpants. If you’re not wearing more layers than the bean dip has in the café, is it even that cold?” The snow-filled sky’s the limit here.

3. Stay Home

Sometimes the best thing to do on a cold, snowy day is nothing at all. Just curl up in bed with a book or a movie and catch up on some much needed “you” time. A study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology shows that taking time for yourself not only boosts your productivity but also your creativity. Natalie Church points out, “Snow is often most beautiful viewed from the warmth of a window.” Just make sure you don’t flake out of class.

4. Have a Snowball Fight

Once the snow reaches a certain level of compaction, it means it’s time for a snowball fight. Why not grab some friends, pack some snow, and start throwing! Prime spots for snowball fights on campus include: in front of the Keating Center, in front of the mansion, and around the pond. Justin Huffman is a keen proponent of this group activity, saying that it’s “an easy way to make friends, and relieve stress” A word of warning, however, if you’re going to throw snowballs: make sure you don’t hit the faculty. There are easier ways to fail your upcoming finals.

5. Build a Snowman

Not up for a snowball competition? No problem, you can always build a snowman instead. Find a well trafficked spot on campus and you can even make it an art piece for everyone to see. Ben Staggs, expert snowman sculptor, says “If you’re going to be cold, you might as well make it purposeful. If you’re going to do something, let your legend be known. If you’re not first, you’re last. If you’re not building a snowman, you’re wasting the snow and that’s a fact.” Get out there and make something unique for people to enjoy.

There are way more things to do when OKWU is covered in snow than I covered here. However, regardless of what you do, make sure you enjoy the weather. Since the snow will likely melt in a few short days, tuck these tips in your winter-coat pocket and enjoy it while it lasts.