80s Skating: Let the Good Times Roll

Written By: Emma Baldwin

Oklahoma Wesleyan University students put their best skates forward for 80s skate night this past Friday. Everyone raided their parents’ closet or the local Goodwill to look their absolute best. From 11pm to 1am, the Skateland Tulsa roller-skating rink shone with a plethora of disco lights, fog, and sparkly outfits as students showed off their choice skating moves. Students were transported to the 80s as soon as they walked through the door when they were greeted by people like Rick Springfield, Whitney Houston, and the Fine Young Cannibals.

Though there were some major wipeouts, everyone seemed to have a stellar time overall. Partway through the night, the rink workers brought out the limbo bar, having far more confidence in the OKWU student body than they likely should have. However, before the bar got too low, a very brave few of the students were able to make it underneath without snagging their leg-warmers.

These were some of students’ favorite parts of the night:

“The parts I’m not falling,” said freshman Sarah Davis.

“I like seeing everyone’s interpretation of the 80s,” freshman Rachel Lamb told me.

“Definitely some of the outfits,” said senior Karen Rodriguez.

“Speed-racing, hanging out with friends, and sweating,” said junior McKenna Deck.

“Hanging out with friends, as always,” senior Matt Feistner told me.

Senior Kameron Mendes jokingly said her favorite part was “watching the limbo game and seeing people fall.”

Sophomore Sam Perryman did not have much trouble with falling, however. She said that she had frequented her local roller-skating rink, going two to three times a week, since she was eight years old. Her talent certainly showed in the rink.

Karen Rodriguez, on the other hand, went on Friday night without having ever roller-skated in her life. She said that it was complicated but fun once she got the hang of it.

Towards the end of the night, the OKWU student body held a costume contest. Though the students made it hard for the judges to decide, they eventually voted on Jenna Schutt as best dressed of the girls with Ashlyen Fisher, Paige Bostwick, and Blythe Freshwater as close runners-up. For the guys, the judges picked Spencer White as winner out of finalists Michael Chew, Josiah Walker, and James Faynik.

After the costume contest and right before the rink closed, the students participated in an intense skating race. The girls sped off, eager to bask in the glory of first place. However, despite everyone’s valiant efforts, Blythe Freshwater left them all in the dust. The guys’ race seemed even closer, and some gentlemen got so competitive they wiped out partway through. Ultimately, Michael Chew pulled in front of them all with ease.

The night closed with all the students entering the rink in their socks to do the Cha-Cha Slide. Despite earlier fierce competition, the students were able to put all that behind them and join together in laughter and dancing once more. Thanks to all the OKWU faculty and staff for putting on a totally tubular night!