A Conclusive Evaluation of the Best Coffee Shops in Tulsa

Written By: Hannah Holloway 

Tulsa, Oklahoma, is an unseen gem of coffee shop exploration, and although it cannot go head to head with coffee capitals such as Seattle and Los Angeles, Tulsa holds its own, offering up a variety of expert bean brewers and unique study spaces.  

Each coffee shop caters to a specific set of wants and needs from their potential visitors. So how do you decide which shop fits your wants and needs? 

 Whether you want to study, hang out with friends, or just get coffee, there are many different options to choose from—which can make the decision difficult.  

In Swan Lake area you have the sickly-sweet latte combination that Coffee House on Cherry Street (CHOCS) offers, in Central Park there is the tasty draft Lattes of Cirque coffee, and then in Kendall-Whittier there is the pour overs and iced lattes of Fair Fellow Coffee.  

But often, the coffee itself is not enough to decide which shop to venture to, since there is the conversation of outlet access, amount of seating, and choices of food options that all lead to a decision. But this can all seem overwhelming. 

To make things a little easier, I have devised a flow chart that separates some of Tulsa’s best shops into an easy to follow deliberation that will help you choose where to go next: 

(If you want to understand the deliberations that went into this chart, see the explanations below) 

Fair Fellow Coffee: Amazing coffee (love the iced lattes), great seating, great number of outlets, amazing aesthetic, a few snacks. NOT OPEN SUNDAY. 

Foolish Things: Good coffee (try a cappuccino), great amount of seating, good number of outlets, great aesthetic, some snacks. 

Triangle Coffee: Great coffee, good amount of seating, good number of outlets, great aesthetic, many snack options. 

Doubleshot: Good coffee (on the expensive side), amazing seating, great number of outlets, amazing aesthetic, few snacks (try the pumpkin bread). 

Coffee House on Cherry Street: Good coffee (Iced Polar Bear all the way), good seating, great number of outlets, not a bad aesthetic, a whole ton of snacks. OPEN LATE. 

Shades of Brown: Great coffee (definitely get a Cappuccino), good seating, great number of outlets, not a bad aesthetic, few snacks. OPEN LATE. 

Gypsy Coffee: Not the best coffee (fun specialty drinks though), amazing seating, poor number of outlets, not the best aesthetic, decent number of snacks. OPEN LATE. Cirque: Good coffee (Draft latte anyone?), good seating, not many outlets, great aesthetic, no snacks. OPEN SUPER LATE.