A Homestyle Feast in Small Town Oklahoma: Copan Truck Stop

Written by: Jeremiah Storkson / Photos by: Jon-Calvin Chance

Located about 15 minutes away from OKWU is a piece of fried, barbecued, gravy-covered heaven. Enter the Copan Truck Stop Restaurant. This establishment has been providing tender ribs, big burgers, and awesome all-day breakfast for about 25 years. Jon-Calvin (my photographer and adventure pal) and I decided to make a trip down to the Truck Stop to see if it lives up to the hype. The customer service alone from start to finish left a great impression, but the food truly stole the show.

Jon-Calvin and I struggled to choose from all the options. There was a huge variety. However, I believe we chose wisely. We started our meal off with some giant onion rings. These were quite likely the biggest onion rings I have seen in my life. I will absolutely give those rings a rating of “excellent.” We then had some awesome coleslaw before having a main course of prime rib, hot hamburger topped with gravy-covered fries, toast, and finishing off our feast with a coconut cream pie. Both Jon-Calvin and I gave the prime rib our vote for the best dish we have ever had. We asked a few customers what their favorite food from the Truck Stop was, and they said, “The giant cinnamon rolls!”

If you are looking to eat some very good, reasonably priced southern food after a day of studying, go check out the Copan Truck Stop!
Copan Truck Stop
7440 US-75, Dewey, OK 74029