A Word from a GA: Jon-Calvin Chance

Okay, let’s keep it real—at this point in the semester, students are extremely tired. The recently assigned final papers, projects, and tests make the last weeks of school stressful as well. A great way to prepare your mind and emotions for the weeks ahead is to relax at Altar. Altar is a student-led worship service that occurs every Sunday at 8p.m in Chapel. In last week’s Altar service, Jon-Calvin Chance spoke about Gideon’s story (Judges 6-7) and God’s instrumental hand in our personal lives. His message reminds us that “God knows our name.” 

Who is Jon-Calvin? Jon-Calvin Chance, a GA of Arts and Sciences, graduated from OKWU in Spring 2020, and he is pursuing a master’s degree in Strategic Leadership. It took him an encounter with God to realize that he is a strong leader. Jon-Calvin recalled when God intervened in the midst of a dark season in his life.  At first, Jon-Calvin believed the lie that he “had no purpose in [his] life.”  That was when God spoke truth; “God called me by me by name.”  God used the dark season to prepare Jon-Calvin for His greater plan and purpose.   

Jon-Calvin’s testimony is similar to Gideon’s story. Jon-Calvin’s old Sunday school teacher taught Judges 6 and 7 multiple times; however, he had only heard the latter half of Gideon’s story highlighted. Last week at Altar, Jon-Calvin set out to cover Gideon’s dark season before his encounter with God; Gideon also struggled with fear, anxiety, and lack of confidence. Before Gideon was famed as a mighty warrior, his own family counted him as worthless. With Gideon’s testimony, Jon-Calvin encouraged his audience: “Even when Gideon’s family gave up on him, God never did. God will never give up on you.” 

Thus, to those who feel inadequate, powerless, or worn out from life’s trials, Jon-Calvin says, “never give up on the Potter’s (God’s) workmanship (Isaiah 64:8). Do not let your inadequacies manipulate you because you are God’s masterpiece, and “He uses broken vessels” (Ephesians 2:10).  

 Want to get to know Jon-Calvin more? He would love to meet you as well. You can catch him in Doc Lacy’s, the Keating Center, or at Altar. Become his prayer partner too. Jon-Calvin’s prayer is to have his heart more inclined to God’s perfect will and to follow Christ wherever he is. “It’s not my will, but Thy will”— Jon-Calvin Chance.  

Right now, God has planted Jon-Calvin at OKWU and has called him to be a GA, and he is enjoying it: “The life of a GA is very different than it was when I was a traditional student. I feel independent and more of an adult; maybe it’s because of my bills, but I love it! Also, there is SO MUCH WRITING!” Talk to Jon-Calvin about the GA position or about life.