Chilling with Freshmen at the Ice Cream Social

Written by: Liam Watts 

Ice Cream! Fun! I love Oklahoma Wesleyan University! These are just a few of the things that students like Aubrie Owen told me as I walked around a thoroughly crowded Doc Lacy’s last Friday night. What brought so many students out on this particular evening, you might ask? Nothing other than Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s fall “Ice Cream Social!” Full of fellowship, friends, games, and ice cream (even some that was dairy-free); this was a timely event for an Oklahoma summer that continues to be ridiculously hot.  

The first thing that I noticed walking into Doc Lacy’s around 8pm was the sheer number of students who had turned out for this event. It continues to be incredibly encouraging to watch the new freshmen participating and embracing OKWU spirit! In fact, a number of people I asked remarked that they had in fact “never seen so many people in Doc Lacy’s at one time.” Gathered around tables, counters, and chairs, students played games like Code NamesMafia, and Battle Ships. All the while, ice cream continued to be savored and enjoyed. “It was super sweet,” senior ministry major Jabin Umfleet commented wryly. Of course, the night still held a number of surprises, including the news for many of Javier Willetts and Kelsey DiCastro’s engagement! Make sure to tell them congratulations if you see them around campus.  

Now, if you were around last year, you may be forgiven for thinking that OKWU events were less than sparsely attended. However, so far this year has been a completely different story, and you do not want to miss a single one. This is in large part due to our awesome freshman class. So, make sure you get to know them as you see them on campus. Likewise, we will be doing our best in the next couple week to introduce you to a few of these outstanding students through freshman highlights in the Eagle. Be sure to check back for those soon!