Written by: Rachel Lamb, with contributions from Katie Tuggle

Recently, I had the chance to go down to Tulsa with Hannah Holloway and Katie Tuggle. There we went on a coffee shop hop to find some of the better coffee shops in the area. We went to three different locations: Foolish Things Coffee Co., Double Shot Coffee Company, and The Coffee House on Cherry Street. 

Our first stop was Foolish Things Coffee, which is located in the cathedral district in Tulsa. The buildings around the coffee shop were beautiful. The inside of the shop was very open and bright, the outside walls were all windows, and there were so many tables and different places to sit. It looked like a very good place to do homework or just relax. There, Katie got a cold brew and Hannah got a cappuccino; both drinks were very good, but they were a little pricey. They also had a breakfast food menu that looked very good from the other customers plates.  

The next place we visited was Double Shot Coffee Company and it was very close to our previous shop. The building was very interesting; it was a two story with so many different alcoves to sit in. It was very busy. As someone who does not drink coffee often, this was my least favorite shop because there was no menu. Only Hannah got a drink here, and after we got her iced vanilla latte, we headed upstairs and found ourselves a little booth to sit and chat. The drink was the second best drink I tried all day. Despite not having a menu, the atmosphere of this place was very nice, but busy.  

The third place was stopped at was The Coffee House on Cherry Street which was by far my favorite. The outside of the building had this huge mural and they had a nice sitting place outside with a fire pit. It was the darkest shop we went to and from what I saw it was very cozy. I was the only one to get a drink and I got a frozen caramel brr. It was the best drink I had that day, and my favorite atmosphere there too. We sat outside and enjoyed the weather. Overall, it was a good day, and I would definitely recommend trying out either one of these coffee shops.